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Silver wouldn't explode at all in water! Unless it were the alkali/alkaline earth metals they would.

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The kerosene prevents the sodium from coming in contact with air or water. If sodium touches air it will oxidize and ruin the sample. If it touches water it can catch fire and even explode.

because then it would explode..... because even the slightest bit of water that touches sodium can cause a huge reaction and make it explode.

If it does, it is not very effective. MOST are designed to explode when they are more than 1000 ft above the ground.

If a chinchilla touches water, it will not die.

Chlorine doesn't explode when mixed with water. Pool water has chlorine in it. I think you meant sodium mixed with water, which does explode.

Sodium and potassium are the most common metals that explode on contact water. Rubidium and cesium will also explode in water, but they are harder to obtain.

Yes, it is. It is when a large body of water (an ocean) touches the land. :)

No, your kidneys can't explode if you drink nothing but water.

A tornado that touches down on or moves onto water is called a waterspout.

silver is not toxic or explosive is is a metal and most metals don't explode there is a rare case of silver poisoning but that is caused by silver in the blood

the answer to this question is copper and silver :')

yes because Cesium is except for Francium, the most reactive element of the alkaline metals. It explodes in water because it rapidly evolves Hydrogen gas and heat. The explosion results from the hydrogen gas blowing the boiling water out of the container and then igniting.

Light is affected by everything it touches. If it touches a glass of water, it *refracts* (bends).

It would expand and then explode. sorry Explode :P

The Gulf of Mexico touches Texas and Florida.

Potassium does not explode; potassium react with water, hydrogen is released and this hot gas can explode in air.

In my personal opinion, i think it might explode into the air....But the answer still cannot be found by the scientists... Yeah

the water will turn into electricity

if dog touches a muslim, he should clean that place with water or do obligation

The water did not cause the explosion it was from the pressure assist that caused the toilet to explode because of a hair line crack

Yes With rubidium Try that

Yes it does explode in water. It will first sizzle, then catch fire, then blow up like a firework. Don't try this at home.

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