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Singing along is a great way to improve breathing, control and style. However, the first two of these mentioned are actually more important than anything else when it comes to vocals. If you focus on how you inhale, the expansion of your stomach (not your chest... this is not breathing for singing) and how slowly you can release this breath (holding back the breath together with supporting the diaphragm), If you do it correctly you will feel a little aching in your tummy from using your muscles, this is good. Now, you are on your way to finding range and control that you never thought you could achieve. An excellent way to strengthen the diaphragm is to practice daily singing for at least 20 minutes in front of a burning candle about two to three inches away from your mouth note: not close enough to cause a burn, practice singing until you can sing without blowing the flame out, this will produce a very strong voice both singing and speaking.

The importance of proper breathing is; all about the purity of sound and projection. Some singers are simply horrible at this and they have the downtime to prove it. Sing incorrectly and you will be one of them. Example of a bad breather: Axl Rose: Watch him take in a huge gulp of air by expanding his chest. His voice is thin and raspy. It has nowhere to go. Eddie Vedder: Although I love his voice and style, he regularly "cracks" and most of his big, expressive tones are extremely short. He could absolutely bellow if he was originally coached. Great breathers: Scott Stapp: Say what you will about this guy. For whatever reason he has been beaten down more than deserved... probably because of his strength of Faith. As a singer, he brings it. He can hold and express a note better than most pros out there. The late Layne Staley: What a voice. He had a dark and unique voice but knew how to use it. Try singing in the lower ranges with his kind of power. Not many can do it like him. Well, maybe Sully Erna from Godsmack. They sound very similar and Sully can reproduce his sound in live performances very well.

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