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Does size genetics really work?

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He was a priest. He did his work on genetics in the church's garden.

the range depends on body fat as well as genetics, so they can really be any size based on that

Breast size is largely determined by genetics, and some girls get genes for large breasts.

Gregor Mendel's work is so important to genetics because he discoverd genetics and did tests on plants and animals about how genetics make sense.

No one "invented" genetics. It is natural. Mendel was one of the first reseachers to work in genetics.

Yes it is true. The work of Mendel laid the foundation of modern genetics hence he is called the father of Genetics.

Mendel was the first man to work seriously on Genetics. Hence he is called the father of genetics.

Breast size is largely determined by genetics, so they can get as big as your genetics allow. Breast size can be altered through augmentation or reduction sugery.

Size of the Human breasts can vary depending upon the genetics, environmental, geographical, parity and dietary factors. Most common factor influencing the size is Genetics.

Anything from 32 A to 40 D is extremely normal. It really depends mostly on your body build and genetics.

He is called the "Father of Genetics" but his work was really a study of heredity. He discovered that some properties were dominant and some were recessive.

That's a false question to ask, your feet size depends on your health, genetics and other factors like your shoes. Well, all the elements that trigger such effect in factors of all biological material... Genetics and health, really.

whose early work id the basis for much of our current understanding of genetics

There's really no way to make your breast smaller it's genetics. ,but If your overweight that could cause your breast to be bigger then what they really are in size. So if you lost alittle weight they could get smaller.

It depends on your size, every girl is different! It really doesn't matter at that age! At 10 you either don't yet have breasts or they've just started developing, it all depends on your size, diet and genetics.

Genetics is the study of heredity and how qualities and characteristics are passed on from one generation to another by means of genes. Modern genetics began with the work of Gregor Mendel.

She was a Cytogenetic so she worked with genetics and studied genetics. She was known for her famous genetic structure of maize

The earliest work that formed the basis of the science of genetics was done by Gregor Mendel.

yes it really does work! it changed many peoples life and i have even lost a load of weight , size 14 to size 4 so i think it is fantastic it only took 4 months for this to happen .

Yes there is a specific branch of genetics called clinical genetics. Clinical geneticists usually work in hospitals. They diagnose genetic illnesses and advise their patients.

It really depends on the person. I was 13 years old when i was size 10. I think my feet were pretty big though. It is all about genetics. Ask you dad what his shoe size is. The son/duaghter will usually get bigger feet then there parents.

White does exist due to how the genetics work. Most people call really light grey horses Whites, but these are not true white horses.

Food does not effect the size of your penis. It is genetics for the most part.

You height is not the sole determinate factor in shoe size. Genetics play a key role.

No, the size of the litter tends to be determined by breed and individual genetics of the bitch and sire.

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