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No. It does not. Nor will it ever. That is a complete myth. The only ones you need to worry about, are ones like Fresca which contain REAL grapefruit juice. Grapefruit is known to interact with many drugs, including Birth Control. Grapefruit slows down your body's ability to eliminate the estrogen from your pills which leaves it circulating in your system longer which then greatly increases all of the risks that birth control carries. You can still drink it, (I do) but sparingly and not often.

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Q: Does soda pop reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills?
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What causes birth control pills to lose effectiveness?

Anti-Biotics can decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills.

Can the drug ketorolac reduce birth control pills effectiveness?

There are no known drug interactions between ketorolac (toradol) and combined or progestin-only birth control pills.

Does singular reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills?

No Singulair (montelukast) has no effect on birth control pill. It can be taken at the same moment (or in the same day) regularly.

Does Lexapro reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills?

I have noticed that I have NOT been myself since on Lexapro and birth control..I was looking for an answer to see if they just DON"T get along! .

What medications reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills?

antibiotics are one of the most common medicines that counter the effects of birth control. there could be others. you should speak to your doctor.

Can you take Vicodin with birth control?

Vicodin and birth control pills should not be taken together. Medication like Vicodin can limit the effectiveness of birth control pills causing them not to work as well.

Does Ephedra or Mahuang decrease the effectiveness of the birth control pill?

I have also wondered this question and with the research that I have done, it says that neither affects the effectiveness of birth control pills

Does the birth control pill affect Depo-Provera?

Birth control pills do not decrease the effectiveness of Depo Provera.

If you are not on birth control and you are taking antibiotics can it still increase your risk of getting pregnant?

While a few antibiotics can reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills, they don't have any significant effect on whether or not you get pregnant if you are not on the pill.

Does goldenseal affect the birth control pill?

It is known to reduce the effect of birth control pills

Will birth control pills change the amount of days you have your period?

Yes, normally birth control pills will reduce the number of days of bleeding.

What medicines can make birth control ineffective?

Majority of antibiotics will decrease the effectiveness of birth control. Detox kits and weight loss pills can also be a risk to birth control.

Will it hurt to just not take the last week of my birth control pills?

If your birth control pills give you a "sugar pill" for the last week of your cycle, it is OK to skip them, assuming you start back up after the right amount of days, usually after your period has come. However, not all birth control pills have sugar pills for those days. Some just have a lower dose pill, and skipping them could reduce the effectiveness.

What happens if you dont get your period after you start the sugar pills in your birth control?

Sometimes your periods are late or non-existent on the birth control pill. If you have missed pills or are concerned you can take a pregnancy test. Missing birth control pills will decrease the effectiveness of them preventing you from becoming pregnant. The birth control pills will not make the pregnancy test come up positive.

Does oral lamisil affect the birth control pill?

I just received a lamisil prescription, and asked the pharmacist if this will reduce the effectiveness of my birth control pills. He told me no, as lamisil is an anti-fungal drug. I suggest checking with your pharmacist to make sure.

Does cough medicine with Codeine decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills?

Hello there. As Codeine is a inflammatory and also from the Paracetamol family, its unlikelly it will affect the effectiveness of the birth control pills you are taking. But if you are in doubt, then use a condom for the next seven days to prevent pregnancy.

Does penicillin vk effect birth control pills effectiveness?

Birth ontrol pills may not work as well while you are using Penicillin-VK . To prevent pregnancy, use an extra form of birth control (eg, condoms).

Do you have to wait a week between active pills to switch birth control?

No, you can change birth control pills and cut the pill-free or placebo week short at the time time without any decrease in effectiveness.

How does Fluconazole 150 mg interact with birth control pills?

Fluconazole 150mg can reduce the efficiency of hormonal birth control pills. You should speak with you doctor to find out whether you should practice an alternate method of birth control.

How does it affect the effectiveness of birth control if you take more than one pill in a day?

Taking more than the prescribed amount of birth control pills doesn't increase effectiveness, but does increase cost and the risk of side effects.

Will taking two birth control pills in a day stop your period sooner?

There is no guarantee that taking two birth control pills in a day will stop your period sooner. Generally speaking the only time you should take two of these pills in one day is if you forgot to take a pill the day before. Taking two pills on the same day may have no effect on your period but will reduce the effectiveness of the pill.

Are you allergic to birth control pills?

I am not allergic to birth control pills.

What are the signs if wife is taking birth control pills?

Packet of birth control pills on the kitchen counter, receipts from the pharmacy for birth control pills, or your wife asking, "Have you seen my birth control pills?"

What if you miss two sugar pills?

Missing any or all of the sugar pills will not affect the effectiveness of your birth control, nor will it affect your chances of becoming pregnant.

Are synthetic birth control pills a narcotic?

No, birth control pills are not narcotics.