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Yes, Sony makes several versions of a DVD/VCR combo. These include progressive-scan DVD/VCR combos and DVD recorder/VCR combos. The latter is capable of copying VHS content onto DVD.


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Sony DVD/VCR Combo Player, SLVD370P

Sony makes great DVD/VCR combo players, and has a five year warranty as well in case anything goes wrong.

Many companies make a DVD/VCR combo, like Philips or Sony.

You Can't go wrong with a Sony or Toshiba,Sony SLV-D360P DVD Player / VCR Combo or Toshiba SD-V391 these models respectivly.

Sony makes a dual deck dvd/vcr combo but not a dual deck vcr. Other popular brands makes a dual deck vcr system.

The best brand of DVD/VCR combo, in terms of expert reviews, user reviews, and product features, is Sony.

Connect a coaxial cable to the "out to TV" input on the back of your DVR, and then hook up the other end to your TV's "RF In" input. For slightly better picture quality, you can connect composite or S-Video cables from the back of your DVR to the DVD VCR Combo. Newer models have two audio and video connections. Hope this helps and good luck!

The Sony combo players have a five year warranty but will likely last much longer than that under normal, moderate use.

SONY, they make their own stuff.

Try the Sony Progressive Scan DVD/VCR Recorder And Player Combo Model RDRVX530 this is considered one of the best devices for this job.

Sylvania makes the DV220SL8 DVD/VCR Combo

Yes, any brand of DVD/VCR combo should work with any brand of TV as long as the TV is equipped with inputs for audio/video jacks (the white, red, and yellow jacks that come with the DVD/VCR combo player).

You can run your cable to you DVD/VCR as to have everything hooked up and be able to record if you like from you cable - it is just easier to have everything hooked up. It doesn't have to be on when you are not using it as there are buttons for TV/VCR/DVD etc.

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The first few TV that offer a TV/VCR combo were created by Sony and Sharp. It was the early 1970s where they decided to experiment the product, but later was a failure due to many other technologies.

The SONY company make it, they also make PSP, PS2 and other entertainment products.Sony

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From what I know, any kind!

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