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Squats will make it firm.

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Q: Does squatting make your butt bigger or just muscular and firm?
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Will donkey kicks make your butt bigger?

They will make your butt firm and perky.

How can you make your butt bigger and more firm?

By doiing leg squats and wall sits

What birth control make your butt bigger?

Zovia my butt is fat now and I love it. It gives you a firm and wide big booty

Does walking make your butt bigger?

yes it does make your butt bigger. but the best thing is to do butt exercizes such as lunges or squats. this is what tightens up your but muscles which are called your gludious maximus. butt is nothing but fat but why have a nasty looking butt!! everyone wants there butt to be nice and firm!

Do guys prefer a squishy butt or a firm butt?


What is a honed butt?

Are you sure you don't mean toned butt? A toned butt or buns of steel are buttocks that are firm.

How do you keep a firm butt with no cottage cheese?

Run 45 minutes a day. It will firm up your butt. =P And eat alot of fruit and vegetables.

Does running make your butt firm?

Running is one of the best cardio exercise and it primarily uses your legs,butt and core. so yes it will help you make your butt firm. Rinning on inclined surface will help you hit the butt better and attain results faster.

What does a mou mean in french?

"mou" means not firm, not muscular, not steady.

How can you get a toned butt?

Scoot on your butt around the house. One cheek then the other as if your butt is walking. That is the best way to get a firm and shapely behind.

How can a 11 year old girl get a firm butt?

Umm squats

How can you get a firm butt?

Look for exercise programs that focus on the buttock area, not the thighs, such as the new Brazil Butt Lift from BEACHBODY

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