Does subchorionic bleeding mean that you are going to lose the baby?

Bleeding While Pregnant

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  • No. It does not mean you're going to lose the baby. I had the same thing at 10 weeks, had an ultrasound that showed the clot, and the baby is fine. It is a blood clot, which will likely bleed out or get absorbed by your body. Only 1-3% of women with a sub chorionic bleed lose the baby (and it is not always necessarily because of the clot). Just take it easy, and let it run its course. You'll be fine. Don't stress over it.
  • I was told that I have possible subchorionic bleeding, and that it usually clears up by itself. I was told not to worry, and from what I saw my baby is fine. Don't worry yourself about it, but if you are really concerned, just give your doctor a call!
  • I am interested in hearing from Theresa or anyone else about this problem. My daughter-in-law is pregnant with twins and has this problem. It is early days yet and we do not know what the outcome will be nor do we know much about the problem. Will it go away by itself? This is an en vitro pregnancy. Is it more common in this type of pregnancy?
  • My daughter is 10 weeks pregnant and the doctor does not seem overly concerned, which is concerning. The doctor told my daughter absolutly no vaginal insertion (no sex) until she is 20 weeks, at which time I guess they will schedule another ultra sound. The chance does exist she may loose the baby if the bleed gets worse and she bleeds vaginally. I do have a call to the doctor to get more information, which I suggest you also do. Good luck!
  • Having had this condition I really feel for you at this time and fully understand how frustrating it is. Sadly there is no straight yes or no answer. This is not meant to upset you, just to let you know not to take this condition for granted. 2 weeks ago at 22 1/2 weeks gestation I lost my baby boy due to this condition. I started bleeding at 15 weeks and it continued non stop till the end. I had 2 large hematomas (10 & 8cm) and even though I passed many clots they kept getting bigger. The last 2 weeks of my pregnancy were spent in hospital and I had 7 units of blood transfused. Through all of this my baby did not appear to be affected. Doctors explained that the constant bleeding traumatised my uterine wall causing the placenta to come away and labour to start. There is no cure and there is no way of predicting the outcome. All I can advise is to try and stay positive but also source as much information on the outcome of possible preterm delivery. I hope you have a beautiful baby to show for all the effort.
  • I was told I have residual implantation blood between the placenta and uterus wall. I was not told that it is subchorionic bleeding. I am 10 weeks today. Is this the same issue?
  • I had a subchorionic HEMORAGE at 13 weeks gestation. Bed rest, ultrasounds, then limited activity I bled at various amounts throughout the entire pregnancy. My son was born FULL TERM by c section 6 days before his due date. My docs told me they had never seen a bleed so large, at delivery only the outer edge of the placenta had been atatched. My son is FINE. --He is turning 12 years old on May 2 2007 and this past month, after testing, we have learned he is gifted. So don't give up!