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Does sulfur smell like rotten eggs in a solid or liquid form?


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Sulfur doesn't smell like rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfide smells like rotten eggs, but sulfur itself doesn't have much of a smell at all.


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A mineral which is yellow and has a bad smell is sulfur. Many people state that sulfur smells similar to rotten eggs. When sulfur is at room temperature and in a solid form it is bright yellow in color.

Sulfur is Solid at room temperature.

Sulfur is a yellow element that smells of rotten eggs.

No it is not a liquid, it is a solid at room temperature

Color, smell, state of matter. For example: sulfur (element #16) is yellow, smells like rotten eggs, and is a solid.

Neither? It is a gas. Sulfur GAS.

At room temperature, sulfur is a solid.Yellow solid in room temperature.

The element sulfur is all three, depending on the environment.

Sulfur is a non-metal solid at room temperature. It has a foul odor and is yellow in color.

Sulfur (or sulphur) is a yellow solid at room temperature and a red liquid when molten.

it is a yellow coloured solid at room temperature

Elemental sulfur is a solid.

it is a dirty white solid with rotten egg smell soluble in acidic aqueous solution.

Solid sulfur is sulfur in the solid state of matter.

Sulfur does not occur in elemental form in the human body. Instead, sulfur is present in various compounds, which are primarily in solid or dissolved state.

Sulfur is a solid at room temperature(20 degrees Celsius)

Rubber starts as a gummy liquid, then is cured by a processes called vulcanization using sulfur and heat, converting it to a solid.

It's a solid. It's usually in the form of a yellow powder.

It takes the form of a brittle, yellow, powdery solid at room temperature.

You can use sight to look at a liquid, solid, and some dense gases. You can feel a liquid and a solid. You can taste a liquid, solid, and a gas. You can smell a liquid, solid, and a gas.

Carbon, phosphorus, sulfur, selenium, and iodine are nonmetals that are solid. All the rest are gasses except for bromine, which is a liquid.

bronium, sulfur, akaline metals and lithum..........

For you to smell something it has to get to your nose be it gas, liquid droplets or dust, which dissolve in our noses or transmit their smell on some other way eg. methane is a gas and we can smell it, lemon juice is a liquid which we can smell, and powderd sulphur is a solid which we can also smell.

Sulfur can be in the solid phase, liquid phase or gas phase, it depends on the temperature and/or pressure the sulfur in question is present in. A high temperature would result in sulfur being in the gas phase and conversely a lower temperature would be in a solid state. The question itself is pretty simple if you use water as an example. Water freezes at 0 degree Celsius meaning its in the solid phase, between 1-99 water is in the liquid phase and at 100 degree Celsius water boils into the gas phase.

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