Nissan 300ZX

Does the 1986 Nissan 300zx have a back seat?


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The 1986 300zx has a couple different modles. Theres the coupe that's only 2 seater and then theres the 2+2 which has fours seats. Just to warn you the seats in the back are extremly small. I never use mine.


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what year? The 90-96 300zx was offered as both a 2 seat and 4 seat, the 4 seat was called a 2 + 2.

by your left foot when sitting in the drivers seat

No. Not without custom brackets. If your gonna put Z32 seats in a Z31 I would spend the money on a nice Recaro racing seat, or other aftermarket seat. Good quality company's like Recaro will make the brackets for the seat to bolt right in. And they look good too.

63.7lbs Power Seat 47.1lbs Non-power seat

just 2 simple yellow clips under seat pull them and its out

next to the engine on the back seat part

Its under the passenger seat,undo spring clips at front of seat and flip seat back.

Under the back seat on the right side. Lift the seat bottom.

check under the back seat of your car

Push it back. to Recline it pull the strap by the door.

No, there are no back seats in the 350z. If you want a back seat go for the infiniti G35 or G37 coupes.

It has an internal fuel pump, it should be under the back seat.

you have to take the back seat out and it is inside of the gas tank.

It is under the back seat next to the fuel tank.

Remove the two Allen bolts at the rear end of the seat with a hex wrench, then slide it back.

Remove the two Allen bolts at the rear end of the seat with a hex wrench, then slide it back.

there are 4 points holding the seat into the frame. i believe they are 10-14mm. just move seat forward to get the 2 rear bolts, then move it back to get to the 2 front ones. dont forget to disconnect the harness from the seat before you try to move the seat away from car.

grab bottom edge of seat bottom push toward rear of car and lift up seat should come out.

You need to take the center piece out of the back seat, the piece that would allow you to put skis into the trunk/backseat. The bottom seat that you sit on has two tabs on the right and left side. Pull those up and your seat will come out.

Mercedes fuel tanks are behind the back seat.

In the Fuel Tank. of course but are they accsessable by removing the back seat?

on a 1996 there is clips just under the back seat

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