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Yes, If you look where the blade meets the key on one side there is a circle, the chip sits behind this plug. the transponder chip is a long glass cylinder inside the key.

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Q: Does the 2001 Daewoo Lanos ignition key have a chip?
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Where do I get a keyfor a daewoo lanos 2001 being that it has a chip?

Contact a Daewoo dealer

Does your 2001 Daewoo Leganza have a chip in the key?


Does the 2000 Dodge Neon have a chip ignition?

my 2001 neon has a chip keywell iahev a 2001 dodge neon and mine does have a chip ignition. you would have to go to the dealer to get it made. If you did get a copy of the key made anywhere else it would only work to open the door it wouldn't work to start the car.

Does the Daewoo Cielo 1997 car key have a chip in it?

no not at all

Does 2001 Jeeps Cherokee limited have a chip in the ignition key?

If the key is grey, then yes.If the key is grey, then yes.

What are the release dates for Chip and Friends - 2001 VG?

Chip and Friends - 2001 VG was released on: USA: 6 January 2001

How do you a hot wire 2001 Ford Windstar van without the key?

Unless you have the frequencies of the chip inside the key or very tech savvy knowledge of how to trick the computer that runs the ignition into thinking it has the correct key chip inserted, you don't. Extra chip keys are about $150.00 a piece... IF you have the original key. I don't know what the price is to re-key a Windstar ignition switch that requires a chip to start, but it isn't going to be in the neighborhood of 'cheap'.

Is there a chip in a 2001 Toyota Sienna key?

No. I have both a 2001 LE and a 2005 LE. The latter has a chip inside the key, where as the 2001 doesn't.

Can you put a new ignition in to replace one that had a chip in the key?

== ==

Dose 93 ford f150 have chip key ignition?


Does a 2003 Ford Taurus' ignition key have a chip?


How do i determine if my ignition key has a chip?

take the key to orchard supply.They have a free scanner for this if there is no chip they will make duplicates.

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