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We love his training system..used it for years. We are starting again with a jack russell puppy. Our other dogs were jack russells also. The only time it didn't work was when we quit using it. I just read a comment on another sit, criticizing him based on watching a TV segment. According to this expert, Who was in favor of another system), Dogfather didn't understand the years & years of research done...that Don believed in punishment and He couldn't have watched too much because they missed Don talk about how he believes the freedoms dog should have. This Man trained whales, for Pete sake. IThough there are other successful training systems, this system is great if you are willing to put the time in. All successfully behaved dogs are trained with time & patience. This system also gives you the confidence to do it.๐Ÿ˜Š

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First you pay six dollars to get the product "First out of the warehouse" then you don't even get it for at least a week - minimum. Then before you even get it you have telemarketers calling you trying to sell you free gas, health insurance and some other junk - at 7:20pm....yeah at night. You think they would wait until you get the product that has taken a week to there, even though you paid extra, to arrive before they try and sell you more junk.

My experience is, yes. It works as advertised.

It seems like I'm one of the first folks to reply about the system as a customer, so I'm happy to provide a few details. First of all, I'm not a professional trainer but I'm 45 and I've had dogs most of my life. About 15 years ago my wife and I got a new dog (shortly after getting married) and went through weeks of traditional obedience training. It worked but it took the full 8 weeks to get just a few basic commands down and we still had all the 'regular' problems like jumping up, bolting, excited peeing, etc.

When our son was born we finally had to give up our very beloved dog because the only way to keep her out of our toddler's face was to keep her locked in another room or in her crate. It just wasn't fair. (A very good friend has her to this day and she's a great dog.)

We recently adopted a new puppy and I bought Don Sullivan's system a few weeks later. There's no rocket science here. There's no 'magic bullet' but the 2 DVD set has resulted in way better, faster, more complete training and a better behaved puppy than I would have thought possible.

Sullivan believes in no-treat training because if you teach a dog to behave for a treat, when there's a distraction that's more interesting than a treat (kids playing with a frisbee, another dog walking nearby, etc.) your dog won't listen. Don't get me wrong, my dog gets treats, just not as part of training.

After just a few weeks of working with my dog, she understands SIT, STAY, DOWN, COME, SIT at a distance, GO TO YOUR BED, GO PEE (imagine a dog that's still a puppy but can go to the bathroom on command), WAIT (similar to a curb command), and more.

I actually answered this Wiki question as the result of a request following some extensive forum posting I did about the Don Sullivan training over at Amazon forums, so if you want lots more discussion about this system, there's more there.

Since this is my first post here I'm not sure how the conversation threading works but I guess if there are follow-up questions, I'll try to look for them and post replies, especially if you have some specific questions about the system I can answer for you.


Another satisfied customer here. I am not familiar with the format of this website and I cannot find the reply that I added to the discussion, so I thought I'd add to this gentleman's message as well:

I was on another website not long ago which had a similar question. I have this product that you are referring to, and I am a big fan. Rather than typing out another reply, I thought I'd copy and paste my post from the other website...

The System that you are referring to is called, Don Sullivan's "Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog System." The System includes two DVDs with 5 hours of instruction (over 70 topics are covered!), a training collar called the "Command Collar," a set of three training lines, and a neat little starter booklet titled, "Quick Start Guide."

I must say that this System is the most comprehensive and effective Dog Training product I have ever seen and used; and I have tried a lot of products; mostly useless! I really enjoyed watching and listening to Don Sullivan (people apparently call him "The Dog Father") on his DVDs. I was truly impressed by his depth of knowledge of dog behavior, and the techniques he teaches are very simple. He makes so much sense and his methods really do achieve immediate results, if applied as instructed.

Some might think that the success stories on his infomercial are too good to be true, but the "within minutes" changes are real (I've witnessed it for myself!). I really like the fact that almost every problem dog behavior is covered in the DVDs. Even though your dog may not display all these bad behaviors, you can go to the topics that are most relevant to your situation. Don offers realistic solutions to things that you wouldn't have thought solvable.

It is a great quality product, and decent value for money considering the abundance of solid information and instruction included in the DVDs. I think that achieving success with this product comes down to the owner. As Don says himself in his DVDs, he has provided dog owners with everything they need to achieve the relationship with their dogs that they have always dreamed of, now it is up to them. His methods are guaranteed to work (he even offers a 30 day money back guarantee - you won't need it!), as long as you follow what he says and demonstrates.

I think anyone who says that this product didn't work as well as they had hoped, either changed things or didn't apply things thoroughly enough. There's so much dog training advice out there and it's hard not to let your previous opinions about what works best influence you. But, Don's methods are like nothing else out there, so if you can put aside your personal biases, and if you're willing to give his product 100% effort, then you will get 200% back - for you and your dog!

As you can tell, I've got nothing but praise for this product. I'm a big fan. It's not a scam. Don seems like an down-to-earth guy who honestly wants to help struggling owners and their dogs, and he seems to be really tuned in to what works. At last...something that works!



More than satisfied

Hello All,

I am also new to this format so forgive me if I cause a problem with my entry.

There are lots of dog training methods out there, just as there are lots of different types of dogs. What works for one may not work for others. But whether you use treat training, Sullivan's system, or another method, the important thing is to train your dog to be a good citizen. Socialize him and train him properly and you will have a true companion rather than an unruly pet.

Having said that, I echo the comments above about Don Sullivan's training system. My wife and I watched the DVD several times before we decided the method was sound and safe for our new puppy. As with any good training system, there is as much the people need to learn as there is for the dog.

Once we understood the system and decided we could consistently apply the techniques, we fitted our dog with the command collar and went to work. After just two days (about 20 minutes each day) our German Shepherd pup Rocket will now perform a down/stay for as long as we want him to, outdoors, with numerous distractions. He will walk comfortably on-leash, and we are working on off-leash walking, heeling, and a fun game of fetch.

It wasn't painful, there was no yelling, snapping, biting, hard jerking, or anything unpleasant about it. It did not break the dog's spirit. He is every bit as energetic and happy as he was before we started. Sullivan advises to incorporate plenty of play time in with training so the dog can have fun while training.

I have seen a number of comments on other sites saying that Don's method is cruel to the dog. This is not true. The methods are designed to be minimally uncomfortable to the dog and to provide plenty of praise for performing correctly. Most dogs understand what is wanted of them very quickly and therefore don't need strong corrections. This in my opinion is much better than continually feeding the dog treats. As the comment above states, treat training only works when the treat is better than what is distracting the dog. I found this to be true when we started training our dog using treats. Treats make dogs fat and are of limited value. Give your dog a treat at the end of a good play session.

Quite simply, the system works. It's not complicated, cruel or time consuming. Cruel is leaving your dog locked up in a crate for hours at a time because he is not trained well enough to behave when other people come around. Or leaving him alone in a kennel for days at a time because he is not trained well enough to accompany you when you go on trips. Train yourself and your dog to live in harmony and your dog will be the companion you hoped for when you got him.


OK... Here is another one.

Commend collar is plastic prong...In commercial, they don't show that but it is.

Freedom line is just cheap one. Most important thing of this package is DVD.

Before I bought this DVD, I looked up websites. They say he is lier.... we should use treat if we love dog... he exists only in the commercial... or he ran away....blah blah blah. I was confused.

Anyways I took risk. and than what? It is work. simple.

PS. If you oder from official website....shipping gonna take a month.

Me: Hi, I wanna buy this product, but i just wondering that it will work with 5 weeks puppy too? because I have 2 dogs

OfficialWeb: Yeah, It is perfect time to train them.

Me: Good, how about shipment?

OfficialWeb: Normally it takes 4 week from your credit card approved

Me:My puppy gonna be 9 weeks at the time....:(

OfficialWeb: Still nice time to train them.

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Q: Does the Don Sullivan perfect dog training method work?
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