Does the Droid Incredible have gorilla glass on its screen?

It does.
I can understand the interest in the knowledge of the HTC Incredible Screen. The screen display is actually an Opaque Aluminum-Silicone Base. It is called Gorilla Glass, which is impervious to the very real threats of key scratching and localized pressure. Gorilla Glass is an unscratchable, unshatterable material used as a protective window for your mobile phone. If you have any other questions or concerns please Reply back to this email or give us a call at our HTC Technical Support Line, 1-866-449-8358. I want to thank you for contacting HTC. In order to help improve our service I'd like to invite you to take a survey at HTC Online Survey, you can also checkout HTC Online Store (US) - Free Cell Phones & Cell Phone Service for more information. HTC Technical Support HTC