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Does the LG VI-125 cell phone have a removable Sim card?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-28 12:12:40

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No, the VI-125 is a Sprint Nextel phone and does not support SIM cards!

2006-08-28 12:12:40
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What is the most common cell phone accesory?

The removable mini-SD card is the most common cell phone accesory.

How do you transfer mp3 from a PC to san disk to a cell phone?

you'll need a card reader to get files onto the card, they are cheap. if there's already a reader built into the computer you put the card in and windows xp maps it as a removable drive. find the drive in my computer and open it up. drag what files you want onto the disk into the folder for removable drive and then put the card into your cell phone

how to get cell phone card for your cell phone?

Go to your local phone service store in your town. Ask them if you can get a cell phone card for your cell phone. They should be able to answer your question.

Can a prepaid phone card be used from a cell phone?

It depends if the cell phone is a prepaid phone with the same carrier as the card provider. If the answer is no, then my answer is no.

How do you switch your number to a different cell phone?

To switch your number to a different cell phone, you have two options if it's the same carrier. 1.) Call the carrier and request they switch services to your new phone. Behind your battery pack on the cell phone will be numbers they will ask you to read off to them. Once that is done they will guide you through the reset process. New activation may take 24 hours. 2. Switch the SIM card if your phone has a SIM card and restart your phone. The SIM card is located behind the battery pack. It is a removable device the thickness of a playing card in a small rectangular shape.

Does the NET10 LG 900 Cell Phone use a cim card?

The NET10 LG900G cell phone uses a SIM card

My cell phone is not reading the memory card. i cannot get the songs I downloaded to the sandisk card to play on the cell phone.?

You probably need to format the memory card using your cell phone. Before you put anything on a memory card that is used in a cell phone it has to be formatted so it can be used by the phone. Once it is formatted correctly you can put things onto the card using the folders that the formatting process has created.

What do you need to have to get a cell phone plan with a phone company?

First you need a card (cell phone card) to have a cell phone with the company. If you don't then it's just a "fake cellphone" and you don't want that, you want a real one.

Is getting a prepaid phone card a good deal if you use it on a cell phone?

Yes, getting a prepaid phone card is a good deal if you use it on a cell phone. Unless you already have a cell phone plan with unlimited minutes, in which case you are wasting your money.

Does a cell phone have to have a SIM card?


Does an ntelos cell phone have SIM card?


What abbreviation can you use for the term cell phone on business card?


Can you buy a S I M card for a cell phone and just put it into a cell phone that you own?


Your friend gave you his cell phone but it has no sim card how do you make it mine?

you have to put YOUR sim card in. from your old phone.

How do you build a working spy bug out of household items?

1.Get a Cell Phone with a good speaker. 2.Get a sim Card 3.Put the Sim Card in the Cell Phone 4.Put the Cell Phone on auto answer 5.Put the Cell Phone on silent Mood 6.Charge the Phone 7.Hide it some where 8.Call the Cell phone and listen!

How do you upload photos to my cell phone?

a data cable from computer to cell if your phone is bluetooth you can make your computer bluetooth and beam them email them to: +(yournumber) upload to microsd card... if your phone has that card slot

Can text messages be accessed by someone else on your cell phone if your sim card is not in the phone?

Only if your texts are saved to the phone and not to the sim card.

What is the difference between an unlocked cell phone and a regular cell phone?

A locked phone are designed to use a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card that stores subscriber data. The SIM card is issued by a carrier and will work only for that carrier.and unlocked cell phone will recognize a SIM card from any carrier. The "lock" is a software setting that keeps the cell phone "loyal" to one carrier.

If cell phone GPS will track your Sim card or your actual phone If you leave your phone somewhere and take the Sim card with you will it track the Sim card or the phone?

The GPS tracker is in the phone, not the card. But when you use that sim card in another phone the identity of the sim card will give away the location of the new phone - which then can be tracked by its GPS.

Where is your SIM card in your cell phone?

inside a cellphone

Is there gold in a cell phone sim card?


Why would you format a sd minicard in a cell phone?

When you format your sd card to your cell phone, you are enabling the phones features to work with and save the data inside the card.

How do you call from a Japanese cell phone to a US cell phone?

You need the Code of Japan and a calling card. Follow the instructions over the phone.

How do i switch my cell phone number to a new phone?

1.) Behind your cell phone battery there should be a SIM card, which is a small rectangular or squar removable chip. Simply replace the SIM card from your original phone to the new phone. 2.) Call your cell phone carrier via their customer/tech support phone line. Inform them you wish to switch numbers from your old cell phone to a new one. Remove the battery from your new phone and on the back will be two series of numbers. Your operator will first ask you to read off your phone make and model. After that you will be asked to read them the numbers on the back of the phone behind the battery.From there you will go through a series of menu and reset procedures depending on your phone model that your operator should guide you through.

Uscellular sim card in another phone?

You can not use a sim card in another cell phone carriers phone. They can only be used for the same carrier.