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Does the Lord of the Rings The Two Towers play on the 360?


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Any Xbox game can be played on the Xbox 360, but you will not be signed into Xbox Live. =(

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No, I have recently tried playing Lord of the Rings Two Towers on my Xbox 360. I hope you appreciated me bringing you the real answer and being the prophet of truth to you.

No. The game is on the 360, PS3, and the PC.

I was searching google to learn when it was coming out and I saw it was coming out for the 360 on January 13.

well you never need Live to play Xbox games on the 360. All you need is a hard drive for your Xbox 360

Ummm... i have an xbox and i did conquest it so yes you can

No I'm afraid it's only for Xbox 360, ps3, and Ds

Only in the Mines of Moria when you play as the orcs and you get an achievement for killing Gimbli or whater with the balrog also you can be the balrog in the shire on the evil campaighn

Just buy an xbox 360 and play it. The rings will show up when you need proof of your inferior machine.

No. Sadly you will not be able to pilot a nazgul on a fell beast.

No. It is only for Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.

If you Have Xbox 360 to Get Split Screen you go to Multiplayer and Then Go to Split Screen.

Yes it does after a while when it gets the 3 rings of death. The 3 rings of death is when the x box 360 overheats and where the power button is, instead of green lights there is red rings. If you play the x box 360 for too long it will probably get the 3 rings of death but u can always send it in to Microsoft to get it fixed.

No, Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth 2 is only available on the PC and Xbox 360, while its expansion pack, The Rise of the Witch-King, is only available on PC.

Backwards Compatibility updates are constantly being released for the 360. These updates allow original Xbox games to be played on your 360. I know at this time the Lord of the Rings: the Third Age on the original Xbox is playable on the 360. As to any other LOTR games there is a good possibility that if they haven't already been added to the list of backwards compatible games then they soon will be.

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rent the gamedownload it to your consoleplay with the f..... game

you have to have xbox live gold. after you put the disk in, it will ask you to update. click yes.

It should, although you will probably have to download and update for the game off of Xbox Live.

I don't believe so. It appears it will only be for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS.

no it does not however the creaters did make it for X-Box 360 and for PC

Only two people can play on one PS3, however online games can have up to sixteen people in them. Unfortunately you can't do 2 players on 1 PS3 online at the same time but anyway.=Not sure about XBOX 360 but probably the same.=

check the documentation which came with your xbox 360, it should be in there somewhere

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