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The Nintendo DS is fully backward compatible with Nintendo DS games; however, the Nintendo 3DS does not have Slot 2, as seen on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite, so those features will not be supported. Additionally, DSiWare games will be available to download on the Nintendo 3DS after the software update in May 2011.

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Q: Does the Nintendo 3DS play Nintendo DS and DSiWare games?
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Does the 3ds only play 3ds games?

No, the Nintendo 3DS plays 3DS games, DS games, DSi games, and DSiWare games.

Can the Nintendo 3DS play DSiWare?

Yes; the latest update allows you to transfer DSiWare to a 3DS, from a DSi. You can also buy DSiWare on the Nintendo eShop.

Can you play 3ds multiplayer with dsi?

Nintendo 3DS games are only playable on Nintendo 3DS systems, and in order to play Nintendo 3DS games multiplayer, you require multiple Nintendo 3DS systems. However, Nintendo DS and DSiWare games that support multiplayer can be played using the Nintendo 3DS system.

How do you delete games from a Nintendo 3DS?

Games can be deleted from the Data Management menu in system settings. 3DS specific software will be located under Nintendo 3DS -> Software while DSiWare games will be under DSiWare.

Can you play Nintendo 3DS games on Nintendo 3DS XL?

Yes, the 3DS XL can play Nintendo 3DS games

Can the 3DS play DSiWare games?

Yes. When the eShop launches, the 3DS will have access to most of the DSiWare catalog. You will also be able to transfer games from a DSi.

Can you play Nintendo 3DS games on a regular Nintendo DS?

No, only a 3DS can play 3DS games.

Can you play playstation games on a Nintendo 3ds?

No it's a Nintendo and you play Nintendo 3DS or DS games on it

Can the regular Nintendo play Nintendo 3DS games?

The NES cannot play Nintendo 3DS games. (Obviously)

Are Nintendo 3ds games compatible with Nintendo ds?

No, only a 3DS can play 3DS games.

Can you play Nintendo DSi games on the Nintendo 3ds?

You can play Nintendo DSi games on the 3DS, but the images won't be in 3D.

Can you play regular Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS games on Nintendo 2DS?

Yes, the 2DS can play Nintendo 3DS and DS games

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