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No, Simisear does not learn flamethrower by leveling up. However, you can teach it flamethrower using TM35 which can be found at the Abundant Shrine, near Route 14.

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chimcha can learn the move flamethrower

Palkia can learn flamethrower with a TM otherwise NO

Houndour will learn flamethrower at level 48

Houndour learn flamethrower at 43 level (Pokemon platinum)

You only can learn flamethrower if you have a fire-type pokemon. Look for TM35.

Simisear is a Fire type pokemon.

Houndoom learns Flamethrower at lvl 48.

Vulpix learns Flamethrower at level 35.

There's no tm for it. Pokemon can only learn it.

Growlithe learns Flamethrower at Level 39. GrateGrynGlobz

Flamethrower: Growlithe can also learn Flamethrower via the Move Tutor in Goldenrod City (Crystal only)

train a charizard, he'll learn it eventually

I don't think there is a TM for it but you can get a Charizard, it will learn flamethrower, then breed that Pokemon with a Ditto, then that charmander should know flamethrower.

Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion learn Flamethrower at lvl 42. You can also get the TM for Flamethrower from the Game Corner for 10,000 coins, but do not recommend that on account of going insane with boredom.

Arcanine doesn't learn flamethrower in any Pokemon games, if you want to teach him, give him the TM flamethrower (TM35). However, if you waited till lv 50, a growlithe can indeed learn flamethrower on its own. Unfortunately, arcanine would not learn extremespeed as a result. Ah but it does, if you get it up to level 50 it will learn flamethrower then evolve it using a fire stone and when it has evolved it will learn extremespeed soz if answer is a bit late

Simisear is #514 in the national pokedex, and it is a Fire type Pokemon.

in my opinion it is garchomp it can learn flamethrower and earthquake/dig and dragon type and it can learn fly. hope this helped

Combusken does not naturally learn flamethrower. However it can be taught flamethrower using a tm.

In leaf green, you can learn flamethrower somewhere between levels 35 through 40. You can do this with a charmeleon/charizard. I'm not sure about other pokemon, though.

Blaziken cannot learn Flamethrower by leveling up but it can learn Flamethrower via the TM 35. Blaziken's pre-evolved form Torchic can learn Flamethrower at level 43.

it can't learn flamethrower by itself but you can give it the TM flamethrower, you get that from the game corner

No, Skorupi does not learn flamethrower and can't learn it in any other way.

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