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If by 'pure' you mean 'direct' democracy where all decisions are made by the people then, no, the US has an indirect (or representative) democracy.

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The US Constitution creates a form of republican government known as?

pure democracy

What is a pure democracy with a republic?

A republic is a form of representational democracy, but it is not a "pure" or "direct" democracy. "Pure democracy" and "republic" are mutually exclusive. There are no truly pure democracy's. A democracy with a republic means that a country is set up as a Republic (elected officials govern and represent citizens) and operates under a democratic government. This means that the power is in the hands of the people. America is an example of a democracy with a republic, however it is NOT a PURE democracy.

What is the first country to practice democracy?

People in ancient Greece were the ones that created democracy. But there are many different types of democracy. There are many types of democracy, the "pure" democracy that the Greeks made isn't used at all (even by the US). Now a days all countries that say they are a "democracy" aren't a full democracy, they changed some parts of it. Like in a pure democracy the citizens would vote on EVERYTHING while in the US today the people vote on some things like governors and president that best follow what they would vote for normally but when something comes up they don't have the power to vote.

Which government had the most pure democracy?


How is a representative democracy different from a pure democracy?

In a representative democracy, people vote for representatives to vote on specific issues on their behalf.

How did Madison define pure democracy?

Madison defined pure democracy as being "a society consisting of a small number of citizens, who assemble and administer the government in person".

What country is ruled by pure democracy?

No country is ruled by pure democracy, because it can only be practiced in a Socialist nation. Some nations claim to be socialist, but none are.

Why don't we have a pure democracy?

Because the rich prick people governing us think that the common person is to stupid to decide who leads them

Why wasn't Athens classed as pure democracy?

Pure democracy is a nonsense phrase. Athens was a direct democracy, as opposed to today's representative democracy. The citizens met in fortnightly assembly and made decisions which were implemented by the Council of 500. That is about as pure as you can get, compared with today's representative democracies, where members elected to a parliament are not obliged to obey the will of the electors who put them there.

Does the US have a direct democracy?

No, the US has a representative democracy.

Why Athens was not pure democracy?

because u suck!

Is democracy practical?

In its pure form, in modern nations, no.

Which government had most pure democracy?

Athens-------APEX =)

Is the US a communist democracy?

The US is NOT a communist democracy. Communism is somewhat the opposite of a democracy, in fact.

How did Benedict De Spinoza influence the US Constitution?

pure democracy, for the people by the people and govern by reason and facts outside of religious influence.

Why does pure democracy have no cure for the mischiefs of faction?

Pure Democracy cannot cure the mischief of faction because if the faction is a majority, than they will pursue their interests at the expense of national welfare.

What are the two types of democracy?

Direct and indirect democracy. There is Direct democracy, which is also called a pure democracy, that exists where the will of the people is translated into public policy (law) directly by the people themselves, in mass meetings. There is also Inderect democracy where a representative is chosen to represent a larger group of people. These select few represent the popular will of the people. ( This is the type of Democracy the US uses)

In the US is it a dictatorship or a democracy?


Is the us a dictatorship or democracy?


Is the US a true democracy Why or why no?

There is no “true” democracy, but it is a representative democracy.

What kind of democracy does the US have?

representativeIt has a representitive democracy.

What are the goals of feminism in Morocco?

To make a pure democracy in Morocco .

The new England town meeting is a form of what?

Pure democracy.

What does a direct democracy allow citizens to do?

Direct democracy (also known as a pure democracy) is a form of democracyin which democracy is controlled by citizens who choose to participate. Direct democracy is different from representative democracy in which citizens are represented by elected people.

What form of democracy is the US?

The US government is a republic, and a representative democracy.

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