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Q: Does the amount of salt affect evaporation?
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Does the amount of salt in water affect the way it evaporates?

The evaporation is slower from impure solutions.

Why do evaporation and rain affect surface salinity of ocean water?

Because the process of evaporation leaves behind salt and rain is an result of evaporation

How does the amount of water vapor in the air affect evaporation?

The evaporation is less important if the atmosphere is humid.

Does salt or sugar affect water evaporation?

salt evaperats faster than all of sugar and salt mixed and your mom ( . ) ( . )

When evaporation occurs how does that affect the salt in the ocean?

Not at all because when the water evaporates the salt remains unchanged

Does the amount of sun affect the evaporation rate of water?


Does the amount of sunshine affect the evaporation rate of water?

Yes, it is correct.

Would cutting trees affect the amount of evaporation in an area?


Does salt affect the evaporation of water?

Old ans: "salt usually doesnt affect the evaporation of water because when the water is evaporated, the salt is left behind." The a/m ans is out of point. Whilst salt doesn't evaporate, it reduces evaporation by i) increasing the boiling point by: ii) ionic bonding to H2O. This bonding 'stickiness to water moleq' makes it more difficult for the H2O to evaporate (vaporize). So yet, salt content affects the evaporation of H2O by reducing it.

Would cutting down the trees affect the amount of evaporation in the area?


How might cutting down trees affect the amount of evaporation in an area?

no i cannot

How does the warming of the ocean affect the water cycle?

it increases the evaporation water.