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Does the baath party still exist?

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No it does not. After the American invasion, the Baathist party apparatus and anything affiliated with it, including the army, police services, and the bureaucracy in general, were disbanded. This process was known as debaathification.

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How did the Baath party help Saddam keep control of Iraq?

The baath party is the murderous party of saddam, they killed the Iraqi leader Abdul Karim Qassim to gain power then ruin the beautiful country of Iraq.

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Manufacture industry and agriculture in Iraq thrived along with the military under the leadership of the baath party?


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What is the main political party of Syria?

The Baath Party and its puppet parties under the National Progressive Front. All opposition parties are banned in Syria.

What is the duration of A Flood in Baath Country?

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When was Al-Baath University created?

Al-Baath University was created on 1979-09-14.

What are the conditions like in Iraq?

the United states is entrusting in other nations to solve the problems of the United States. Cilvilains in Iraq or dying and so are the united States troops there is still some of the Baath Party in Iraq.

Does the green party still exist?

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Was Muhsin Jasim al-Musawi a Baathist?

Similar to any people living under a totalitarian regim, Iraqis were required to be members of the Baath party (or otherwise face the worst at the hands of the infamous mukhabarat). It was part of the Iraqi identity that the Saddam regime tried to enforce. Al-Musawi resigned from the Baath party shortly after leaving Iraq in 1991 (when his brother, Aziz Assayed Jassim, was kidnapped and later executed by the mukhabarat).

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How was Saddam Hussein a dictator?

Lets view some of Hussein's history: Assassinates a communist leader for the Baath Party in 1958 and spends six months in jail. In 1959, he attempts to assassinate the head of the Iraqi government. He is wounded and flees to Syria and then Egypt. The Baath Party overthrows the government in 1963 and Saddam returns to Bagdad. Saddam is arrested when the Baath Party loses control in in November 1963. He is arrested on October 14, 1964 and placed in prison. Although, he is given a position in the Baath Leadership. Hussein escapes from prison in 1967. The Baath Party seizes power again in 1968 with the organizational help of Saddam Hussein. From 1968-1977, Hussein rises through the ranks of the Baath Party. He begins as a central figure but gathers more power during this time. In 1977, he assumes control of the government with the present Baath Party leader Bakr's health ailing. On July 16, 1979 Bakr formally steps down and Hussein begins to take formal control. The next few weeks are a period of purging and consolidation on Hussein's part. In 1980, Shi'ites of Iranian origin are deported to Iran by the thousands. Hussein involves his country in the Iran-Iraq War from 1980-1988. To quell the Kurds he uses weapons of mass destruction during this time. In 1990, he invades the country of Kuwait. In 1991, the Persian Gulf War occurs with the Iraqi's forced to flee Kuwait in a six week campaign. From the Persina Gulf War's end to 2002, Saddam Hussein continues to violate the agreements of the wars end. In 2003, the United States launches another offensive specifically aimed at regime change... After that, there is one thing that most person realise: The Dictator of Iraq for over a quarter century. He is responsible for the death of thousands of his own people and countless others by his actions.

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