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Q: Does the big dippers position predict rain?
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Is there a bigger dippers?

There is a Big Dipper (not dippers)

Jill and her father observed the Big and Little Dippers at the same time each?

Yes, it is possible.

How can you predict mudslide are coming?

Its just common sense if there is a big hill with only a little bit or no grass and there was a horrible rain that will probobly cause a mudslide.

What is the big dippers story?

It alternates on an annual basis between "Gone with the Wind" and "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".

What is the big rain cloud?

the big rain cloud is the cloud that makes big rain.

What is the name of the star on the big dippers handle?

There is more than one star in the handle of the Big Dipper: Alkaid, Alcor, Mizar, and Alioth. See Related Links.

WHY DOES the big dippers location change?

because they are stars wich are actually little balls of fire and they can move! A constilation can move often!

Which constellations are visible throughout the year?

The Big and Little Dippers can be seen usually every night, although are much brighter in the Winter.

When can one see the Big Dipper?

The Big and the Little Dippers are sometimes considered to be the easiest constellations to find in the night sky. It is easiest to spot the two of them swinging around the North Star.

What does having a mark that looks like the big dipper on your leg mean?

idk you should go onto the internet and find out what the big dippers story is and maybe that will give you an idea about what it means

Does the big dippers stars move?

Yes they do. But they're so far away that you can't see the effects of their motion over the duration of a human lifetime.

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