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Does the body produce cervical mucus when pregnant?

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yes it does that.your body creates a mucus plug when your pregnant and some times peices fall off as long as you dont have a Golf ball size glob of mucus come out of your vagina its ok.

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The same way you do at any age.To increase your chances of getting pregnant you may want to start charting your cycle using body temperature and cervical mucus.

It's cervical mucus. It is like a cushion for a baby, but when you don't get pregnant, the body flushes it out each month with the periods.

Creamy cervical mucus (called leukorrhea) may be a pregnancy symptom. However, if the cervical mucus is more watery, this may be a sign that your period is coming as watery cervical mucus may indicate the breakdown of the corpus luteum -- the body left on the ovary after the release of the egg. The breakdown of the corpus luteum happens if pregnancy has not been achieved.

yes. all women produce a clear to white-ish acidic discharge even when they are not ovulating. It is your body's way of cleaning out any bacteria that may be in you. When you ovulate, the mucus is much thicker, but it is not the only time your body does it.

NOTHING. Well that could be right but also if your body can not produce enough mucus, your body could cause you to get an ulcer.

The answer is their salvary gland earth worms produce their body mucus because their salvary glands is produced that way. The answer is their salvary gland earth worms produce their body mucus because their salvary glands is produced that way.

The genetic disorder that causes the body to produce unusually thick mucus in the lungs and intestines is cystic fibrosis.

One way to know that you are ovulating is by examining your cervical mucus. The closer you are to ovulating, your cervical mucus will change from creamy look and texture to a transparent and sticky one. Another way to know your ovulation is to chart your basal body temperature. if you're ovulating, your body heat level will increase because the level of progesterone in your body rises.

Yes, cervical mucus is greatest during ovulation in order to aid sperm in entering the cervix to fertilize an egg. After ovulation the egg survives for a day or two then the body no longer has purpose for the mucus. Your hormones shift, your basal temperature rises and the mucus dries up. This is called "luteal phase" and it lasts until the start of your next period.

yes, it is taste sweet and good for your man body. It can regenarate your cell and make you look younger

No. The liver has over 1,500 functions in the metabolic processes in your body, but it does not produce mucus or acids. Mucus is produced by goblet cells that line your respiratory and digestive tracts. And acids are produced and secreted by parietal cells in your stomach which produce hydrochloric acid.

The mucus is your body's defense against germs, you body needs mucus to function properly. Not only does it trap bacteria and irritants in your nasal passages, it basically keeps your stomach from digesting itself. A cold just makes your body produce more mucus.

There will be a raise in your body temperature or your cervical mucus might look like a egg white or you can buy the at home ovulation test.

It is part of the cycle. Your body is ready to get pregnant and it produces the mucus to make it easy for sperm to reach the ovum.

About 2L daily when sick. When not sick 0.9L daily.

Every woman is different. You should learn how to chart your own cycle using body temperature and cervical mucus.

There is a small window each month where a woman can become pregnant. It's normally around the 14th day of your cycle and only lasts 24 to 48 hours. However every woman's cycle is different and you should learn to chart your cycle using body temperature and cervical mucus.

Mucus expels diseases from your body. When viruses are in your body, your body puts them into mucus so that you can get rid of them. When you sneeze you are expelling mucus. That is why sneezing on someone can get them sick.

When you have a cold virus, your body starts to produce more mucus to catch the viruses and it increases the temperature to make it too uncomfortable for the virus to multiply. Therefore, it disrupts it by causing your body to increase its temperature and produce more mucus.

Yes, a woman's body will produce a "plug" of mucus to cover the cervix, this is to protect the baby from things such as bacteria, as the pregnancy progresses hormones will slowly soften the plug and and it will come away as sticky/blobby white discharge, it's perfectly normal but if anybody has any concerns they should go to their doctor to get reassurance and advice.

No, Mucus Is Not Bad For your body because it is all around your body!

Progesterone. Witch is secreted by corpus luteum, ( white body. ) after ovulation witch occurs normally on fourteenth day of menses.

Mucus protects your body because when you sneeze the bacteria is caried in your mucus..So when you have a cold, the mucus helps you get rid of bacteria

A woman of any age could get pregnant as a result of sex during menstruation. A woman can only get pregnant if she has sex during the fertile phase of her menstrual cycle; when she ovulates and when there is fertile cervical mucus present. Typically women will ovulate 14 days before/after menstruation, there will only be a viable egg present for up to 48 hours. However her body will produce mucus about a week before ovulation that helps keep sperm alive for up to 7 days. During menstruation a woman will not ovulate - the egg from the previous cycle is long dead, and the egg from the current cycle has yet to be released - however if she has a short menstrual cycle she may have fertile quality cervical mucus present. Thus sperm from sex during her period could live up to 7 days, by which time she may ovulate. Birth control should always be used to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

8 cervical nerves on the right and 8 cervical nerves on the left.  So a total of 16 cervical nerves in the body.

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