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Q: Does the equator go through the Amazon basin?
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Does the equator pass through Botswana?

No, the Equator does NOT go through Botswana

Does the equator go through Cameroon?

No. Cameroon is just north of the equator.

If you need an escape, where is a good place to go?

Antartica or in the amazon basin or deep in the woods

What states does the great basin go through?


WHich ocean does not go through the equator?


Does the Arctic Ocean go through the equator?


Why does the Amazon have the climate it does?

Well, first of all, it is very warm because it is close to the equator. As you go closer to the equator, it gets warmer because that is exatly the spot where the sun hits it. it rains alot because it has the Amazon R. going through it. the water evaporates into the sky and when the clouds get big enough, is rains.

Does the equator go through mali if so then were?

It does not. No point in Mali is less than 700 miles from the equator.

What continents doe the equater go through?

The equator doesn't go through 4 continents:North America (panama is above the equator)AustraliaAntarcticaEuropeNote: Asia isn't on the list because Indonesia ,which is part of Asia, passes thorough the equator.

How many Asian countries does the equator go through?


Does the equator go through New Zealand?

No No Jakein No, the equator does not pass through the Southern Ocean

Does the equator go through Ecuador or at Ecuador border?

yes it goes through ecuador