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Slavery had existed in many modern and ancient civilizations. For the most part, the US Civil War had ended the institution of slavery in all developed nations. Any society that tolerates the existence of slavery is at once a society that has serious flaws. Where slavery has existed, the slaves in a society had few civil rights if any at all. Any civilization which tolerates slavery is not one that can be called "democratic" in the broad sense of that term.

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Q: Does the existence of slavery in a society make it more or less democratic?
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How was Egyptian society more democratic than others?

People had less problems to worry about and they knew they were protected

Why was slavery less successful in the north?

Slavery was less successful in the north due to the fact that the north was more of a merchant society than the south was. Slavery was more "necessary" in the south because of the vast amount of farmland that was present in the south. The north however, relied more on trading/

Why did the democratic split in 1860?

The Democratic vote in 1860 was split between the Southern Democrats, who were staunchly pro-slavery, and the Northern Democrats, who were less so. Each faction had its own convention and ran its own presidential candidate.

Do slaves make a society more or less democratic?

Slavery makes a society less democratic, because slaves do not enjoy the rights that other members of society have. Democracy is based on the idea that all members of society matter, and should have certain inalienable rights, which is to say, rights that cannot be taken away. A feudal society is based on the concept that people fall into various classes, the nobility, royalty, the common people, slaves, clergy, etc., and that the rights of any person will depend upon the class to which that person belongs. Democracy requires equality, it attempts to give equal rights to everyone. Everyone has one vote, and every vote has equal weight. Therefore having a class of people who have no rights is highly undemocratic.

Did the formation of political parties make the nation more democratic or less democratic?

More Democratic because we get to elect the person or people we want.

The scientific discoveries and methods during the Age of Enlightenment made religion and spiritual concerns?

less central to mans existence

Was dr martin Luther king responsible for ending slavery in the south?

No. Slavery ended with the 13, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution in 1867. This was a little less than 100 years before King was active and began the Civil Rights movement. King pushed for the end to discrimination in the society. Segregation of schools, business, and all parts of society was practiced through out the history of the United States. Slavery in the past was only one part of the problem.

Is democracy better than tyranny?

Well, it's often less efficient, as a democratic society has to spend a lot of time and resources on campaigns, elections and often not very worthwhile debates. OTOH, citzens in democratic societies tend to be happier and wealthier than those in dictatorships, so maybe it's worth it.

Are there vulnerabilities in a democratic society that expose it to terrorism?

That's a good question. It suggests that a totalitarian society might be less exposed to terrorism. But first, your answer; yes a democratic society has vulnerabilities that expose it to terrorism. A more open society provides for freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of expression and other freedoms that persons seeking to do evil can exploit. While there are measures that any society can take to reduce the abilities of terrorists democratic societies must take into account their own responsibilities to their fellow citizens in protecting their freedoms. Further, the terrorist is attracted to attack free societies because his true nature isn't establishing his personal moral and philosphical being but the urge to destroy others due to his own personal short-comings.

Why was slavery less important in Han China than in Rome?

ya, the Qin wanted to abolish it. in Han there were contracts that said what the slaves could and could not do. the slaves were'nt a big part of han society either.

How did slavery impact the social structure of the South?

Slavery enabled the large plantation owners to grow extremely wealthy, therefore creating the sort-of aristocratic upper-class of the south. Those with less slaves therefore made less money, and had less status. Those who lacked slaves completely, such as the yeoman farmers, made up the lowest classes of free whites, because of whites they were the most power. Finally below them were freed blacks, who, because of the racism instilled by the institution of slavery, were cast out of society even if they were rather successful on their farms.Hope this helps.

Did the formation of the political parties makes the nation more or less democratic?

More Democratic because we get to elect the person or people we want.