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Unless a court has terminated his parential rights, none of those things will change his rights.

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Q: Does the father has rights after a felony and we had a very violent break up doesnt pay?
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Can you own a gun in ga if you have a non violent felony?

Not unless you have your rights restored.

As a convicted felon can you ever get your hunting rights back in the state of Ohio?

It depends on the felony. In Ohio, a non-violent felon does not lose their gun rights, but those that have committed a violent felony lose that right unless they win a petition.

Can hunting rights be reinstated for a felon?

can I in the state of Missouri with a non violent felony conviction 10 years ago get my hunting rights back

How does a person Obtain gun rights after a non violent felony?

You need a good lawyer, money and lots of patience.

Does Maryland restore gun rights if a non-violent felony is expunged?

NO, expunging a record does not remove the felony conviction only the record of it, in order to get your voting and gun rights restored it requires a governors pardon and an application for restoration of rights. Restoration of rights does not automatically apply even with a governors pardon.

I was told if your felony was not violent or sentence less than a year you could still own weapons in Arizona?

Wrong. A felony conviction IS a felony conviction. You may be able to get the offense expunged (IF Arizona is one of the few states that will restore your civil rights).

How can a father give up parental rights if the mother doesnt want the father to have anything to do with the child?

You would have to go to court for all that.

Do you lose your rights when convicted of a felony in Texas?

You do not lose your rights when you are convicted of a felony. You lose some rights which will be determined by the judge.

What rights are revoked after being convicted of a non-violent felony in the state of Virginia?

The right to vote - the right to hold public office - the right to possess firearms.

If the father doesnt agree to the step father adopting my child can i take it to court?

A step-father will not be able to adopt a child unless the father signs away his rights. You can take it to court and win the case.

What can a single mother do to ensure no rights of the father in Georgia?

She can't, unless the father is patently violent or otherwise dangerous for the child, and even then the court might approve supervised visitation.

How do you get your firearms rights back from felony conviction in 1996 for something that did not involve a firearm or an violent crime?

If it's a federal felony, don't get too hopeful expecting it to work out for you. If it's a state - but not a federal - felony, you MIGHT have a chance at it. It's going to require a good lawyer, time, money (of course), and the understanding that nothing is guaranteed.

If a father doesnt want to pay child support and signs over his rights can he still get visitation?

No, but he can't. see link

Can you hold public office if you have a felony conviction?

yes if you get your rights restored and its been 10 years or more sense the last time you've been arrested. It cant be a violent felony, it can only be in the 3rd degree and you cant be a career criminal or a repeated offender. those can rule you out

If a father gives up his rights and the mother is the only guarduian can the grandparents be legally involved?

Yes if the mom doesnt want the responsibilty

If your record is expunged can you buy a legal firearm?

If you are prohibited because of a felony, having the felony expunged does not restore your rights. You must petition to have your rights restored.

You were CONVICted of a felony 15 years ago has your civil rights been reinstated?

It has been over 15 years since my felony dwi. How do I get my rights back?

Why is a felony worse than a misdemeanor?

A felony is a more serious crime. Conviction of a felony will get you more time in jail and it will have an effect on your civil rights.

How can your rights be taken from you if your a felon?

Very easily! Unless these rights are restored by the governor or the President of the United States for federal convictions, once you are convicted of a felony, your civil rights are taken away, such as the right to vote, to hold public office, to serve on a jury, to hold certain jobs involving contact with people, such as a barber, a lawyer, position, etc.; and, most notably, to own or possess any type of firearm. In most states, however, if your felony conviction is not of violent nature, your rights can be restored to you automatically.

Does your child of 9 years have to see father with visitation rights in place UK law if he says he doesnt want to go?

The child can do anything he wants to :)

Can you get your gun rights back if your felony case is sealed?


Convicted felony can you get your rights back?

Depends on the state.

Can a father give up his parental rights because he doesnt want to pay child support in the state of Tennessee?

I don't know about Tennessee, but I live in Kentucky and I have permanent custody of my grandson. His mother and father gave up their rights to him and they both have to still pay child support.

If the mother and the stepfather has legal custody what rights do the natural father have?

The rights of the natural father depends on if the father has given up his rights or not. If he has not given up his rights, he has the same rights as the mother, or as outlines in the custody order.

What rights do I lose in Missouri if convicted of a felony?

When a person is convicted of a felony in the state of Missouri, they lose many rights that are given to people that are not felons. Examples of rights that are lost include the right to vote, and the right to be in possession of a fire arm.