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== == == == == == Financial obligations of either parent depends upon the terms of the child support order. If there is not a court order then the parent cannot be forced to pay a specific amount nor other expenses until an order of support has been received. Yes, the noncustodial parent is OBLIGATED to pay child support, figured out by a program entered into a computer program, based on each parents net income, as well as time shared by each parent, with the child or children. Both parents are required to equally share the child care costs incurred, while the custodial parent works and also goes to school in every state that I know of. As well as, costs incrued for any medical costs for the child over what the insurance pays out. Of course you need a court order to enforce this, although every court that I am aware of, will uphold these terms.

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Q: Does the father have to pay child support and half of day care or just child support?
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What all can you ask for in a child support case?

i had my ex pay child support, half medical, half child care....however that is normally figured in with the support

If a father in nv has his child half the time does he pay child support?

yes, he pays

Is the child entitled to half the pension payout of his or her father when he has resigned from work?

No. But if your father has retired and is paying child support the child support order might need to be modified based on the income he have now.

Does the father continue to pay child support if the child dies?

No. He should pay for at least half of the burial and funeral costs. The father still owes any past-due (unpaid) support.

What percentage does a father pay for child support if he has child for half the year in New York?

In general, child support is a percentage of net income. If the obligor has the child for an extended period of time, the court may suspend support for that period.

You pay child support your wife asked your to pay half of a dentist bill for a cavity Should you pay it you are a every other weekend dad?

I believe that you should. Do you care what happens to your child when you are not there? Are you concerned about their health and well-being when you are not there? Of course you are. As the father you have a life-long responsibility for that child. Take care of them and love them.

If the father and the mother are together but not married should he still pay child support?

I don't think he should pay child support if he is providing half the support of the children. Why would you want he to pay more? Child support is paid by absent parents.

Im receiving less than half for financial assistance for my child than what I found out they just started collecting from the father for child support will I get any of the support collected?

$50 at the most

If the father pays child support it gives him the right to claim them as dependents?

If the child resides with you and more then half of the cost for the child is supplied by the father. The non-custodial parent can claim the child as a dependent if he has a court order stating thus. Otherwise no.

Can a woman who kept a child secret for 17 and a half years and is now demanding child support be countersued by father for keeping child from father?

The child is almost an adult, it seems a bit late to ask for child support now. By the time this get to court, the point may be moot. However, in some jurisdictions the court will reach back to assess child support.You need to consult an attorney.

If you have joint custody and pay all kids bills do you still owe money 4 child support?

half of it the other half goes to the other parent of the child or no cause you both have the money to take care of the child

Every child receives of its chromosomes from his mother and from his father?

Every child receives half of its chromosomes from its mother and half from its father.

Can I lose child support if I had an affair?

Child support is the other parents half of the expenses your child costs each month. You pay the other half. What you do in your private life, sleep with etc, can not change the fact that each parent have to pay for their child. He has an obligation to pay for his child just like you do so the child support goes to the one who has custody for the child. The court do not care about that you had an affair and will not let your child lose 50% of his/hers financial support because of it. Whether to pay or not is not up to the parents.

If you only received half of the amount of child support for a year can you ask for back child support.?

Yes, you can.

Does a father have to pay child support if he doesn't want the child?

Absolutely yes. If a man doesn't want children then he must practice contraception. You were half of the team that gave the child life and therefore you are responsible for it.

Can you claim a child who you pay child support for who is in foster care on a tax return?

Child support you pay is not usually tax deductible; you would need the situation to fulfill all requirements of the child being a dependent--living with you, paying for more than half of the child's costs and so on.

I am paying child support in Wisconsin for 1 child I am divorcing in Iowa and my wife is getting half my salary in alimony Can I modify my child support order based on half income?

You can not modify your child support. Only the court can modify your child support. It is possible the court will do that. It is unusual for your wife to get half your salary. In setting child support, this is a deductible item in all states, that should have been taken into consideration. If not, you can request a modification. see links below

How much more DNA does the mother contribute than the father in a child?

its 50/50. half from the mother and half from the father.

Can you claim an adult child that does not live with you if you pay at least half of their expenses?

Yes if you pay over half of the child support.

Father died Mother left you half property do you claim fathers remaining half?

Is your mother still alive? Find out if your father made a will. Are you an only child? If not, he made have left his half to another child. Get a lawyer.

Father had domestic violence and other misdermeanors on record does he still get rights to child?

i receive a letter that says a other men is adopting my child, i have not payed child support for 1 in a half because i do not have a job. my ex lives in Tennessee

My childeren reside with me and their father is claiming them on his income taxes. He does not pay child support but does pay for their health insurance. who is the one whom should be claiming them?

If you pay more than half their living expenses, you get to claim them. This is especially true if you can prove that he is not paying child support.

Can a child and alleged father have no common DNA markers?

NO, as half of the genetic material for the child is from the father they will always have similar DNA patterns.

What is the most they can take for child support?

Typically, most states do not allow the courts to award more than half of your income to child support.

Is child support tax deductible?

No. If you are providing more than one half of the support for the child, you may be entitled to claim them on your tax return.