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Yes the fender Guitars have great quality, as long as you buy one made in the USA or Mexico. China and Japan make fender squire guitars but they are cheaply made and don't last as long. If you are looking at buying a fender guitar then look at a Mexican or American stratocaster. That is one of the best guitars that fender makes and the best places they make them. The Mexican strat. will last you about 3 to 5 years and the USA strat. about your whole life. Hope that helps.

I agree, definitely go for a strat

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Q: Does the fender guitar have good quality?
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Which are the best Fender guitar amplifiers for sound quality?

Fender has a good reputation for having good sound quality in their products. The Fender Rumble, Mustang 1, Mustang 2, Mustang 3, and the Fender Mini are just a few examples of amplifiers with good sound quality.

Where is it possible to buy a body for a Telecaster guitar?

You can buy a very good quality body for a Fender Telecaster guitar on the Fender website. They sell authentic hardware for the Telecaster guitar's at reasonable prices.

Are fender electric guitars bad quality?

Honestly it depends on the guitar but most fender guitars are very good quality. Fender was voted the number 3 highest quality electric guitars in the world. It is behind Gibson and marsall.

Where can a Fender electric guitar be bought?

Fender electric guitars can usually be bought from good quality music shops and specialist guitar shops. It is also possible to buy them from the Fender website (of the same name). Amazon sell Fender guitars, and Ebay auction them quite frequently.

Is fender stratocaster a good guitar?


Is the Fender Frontman series a good choice for hobby guitar players?

The Fender Frontman series is indeed a good choice for hobby guitar players. Guitars are inexpensive and are made of quality materials which should the hobbyist to develop their playing technique efficiently before requiring a more professional guitar at a later date.

What is a good guitar for a cheap amount of money?


What is a good guitar to start out with?

a good guitar to start out with would either be A Montana Acoustic or an Acoustic Fender.

What are some brands of cheap guitars that still have good quality?

If you keep the guitar in good condition and keep it toned, many cheap guitars can have good quality. Some of these brands include Ibanez, Epiphones, Fender, and Ovation

What would be a good second guitar for me?

(I currently use a fender strat with a floyd and humbuckers) i need a good metal second guitar with a similar feel to a fender strat

What is a Good starter guitar?

The Fender Stratocaster. It can do chords and solos well!

What guitar is better cort or fender?


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