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Yes, though they may not be as noticeable.

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โˆ™ 2012-08-14 12:25:07
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Q: Does the guinea pig have teats even if not pregnant?
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Is it possible for a guinea pig to have teats weeks before giving birth?

Yes, guinea pigs who have not been pregnant can still have teats.

How many teats does a guinea pig have?

its about 10 to 15

What are teats on a guinea pig?

Teats are the equivalent of a human's breasts, babies drink milk from them.

Can a guinea pig feed all of her babies on just two teats?

yes and no, a guinea pig can not feed it's babies with two teats, but only if it has more than two babies.

Can a girl guinea pig get pregnant with a boy rabbit?

No the guinea pig will no get pregnant.

Can a guinea pig get pregnant with out a boy guinea pig?

No, a male guinea pig is required.

Can a pregnant guinea pig live with a non pregnant guinea pig?

Only the guinea pig she mated with but be sure to separate them after birth

How many weeks is a guinea pig pregnant for?

A guinea pig is pregnant for about 9 weeks.

Is it ok to put a pregnant guinea pig with a non pregnant female guinea pig?

When I got my guinea pig, we didn't know she was pregnant, so about a month later, my sister got one that wasn't pregnant. It was a little less that a month after that that my guinea pig had 2 babies. During that time, though, Molly, the pregnant guinea pig, was acting very territorial, and Milly, the non pregnant guinea pig, was staying by herself and not having anything to do with Molly. So make sure that if you put a pregnant guinea pig with a non pregnant guinea pig, that the non pregnant guinea pig is a girl, or else there WILL be trouble.

Can a guinea pig be pregnant even when they're young?

They can be pregnant but it is not fair for a baby guinea pig to have to hold up to 8 guinea pigs. There is a very high chance they will die. I had a guinea pig that was pregnant when I got her(she was 14 weeks when she had babies) and she had 2 babies and tey all survived.

Can a guinea pig be pregnant by its self?

A guinea pig can only get pregnant if a male guinea pig has humped it. A guinea pig may have fallen pregnant while it was in the pet shop or where ever you got it. Now if you think she is pregnant it is important to research breeding guinea pigs.

Is there a test to tell if a female guinea pig is pregnant?

I don't think there is a test to tell if a guinea pig is pregnant, but a pregnant guinea pig will not let you rub its stomach. If you are still unsure, take your guinea pig to a vet.

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