Does the human body absorb water while swimming?

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I weigh308-312 depending on the time of day. I started weighing myself before and after my daily 60-minute swim. I consistatly absorb approximately 7=10 pounds of weight in that hour. I swim about 3/4 mile in that hour period - breast, back and freestyle 30/30/30. I suspected I was absorbing a month ago when I went to my dr. appointment. I'd weighed that morning at the Y; then swam and went to my appointment to find the 12-pounds showing up on his scale. I attributed this to scale differences, the fact that I was clothed and wearing shoes. I began weighing before and after and sure enough, because of my over-sized human "sponge", I absord perportionately. I suppose someone "smaller"; leaner BMI might absorb somewhat less... a 150lb man might only pick up 2-3lbs water??? I will continue to mintor.
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Can you be a human battery cell while in the swimming pool?

There are enough electrolytes in blood, saliva, urine, and manyother bodily fluids that they can be used to make workingbatteries. However you need to take two dissimilar metals (e.g.copper, zinc) and immerse the two metals in such bodily fluids tomake a battery. And such metals are not present in t ( Full Answer )

How much water is in the human body?

These are averages of. Babies - 75%. One year of age - drops to 65%. Adult Men - 60%. Adult Women - 55% (because they typically have more fat than men)

Where is water in the body absorbed?

Water is primarily absorbed in two places: 1) during digestion, water is primarily absorbed in the small intestine (90%), the remaining water (10%) is absorbed by the large intestine. 2) during filtration of the blood in the kidneys, water is reabsorbed in the nephron hope that points you in ( Full Answer )

Does your body absorbe water when drinking alcohol?

Yes the alcohol causes the body to become de-hydrated so it is very important to remain hydrated and drink plenty of water ideally before, during and after consumption of alcohol.

Do humans absorb water through the skin?

very little .. almost no. but if someone stays in water with high minarals content for long water outside can absorb water from body ... that's why our skin wrinkles

Where Aceclofenac are absorbed in human body?

This med is an NSAID. If administered PO, this med is absorbed in the gut and very quickly progresses through plasma, concetrating in synovial fluids. In fact, chronic application showed nearly double the plasma level of the drug in the synovial fluid (of the knee mostly). This med is very protein-b ( Full Answer )

What fraction of the human body is water?

About 2/3 of the average human body is water, mostly within the cells. Approximation By Age Human bodies have the following proportion of water by weight : Babies: 78% One year of age: 65% Adult Men: 60% Adult Women: 55%

Where is water made in the human body?

Water is made by the body during a process called "respiration".. The body needs energy for every chemical process, without energy we cannot exist.. The body makes energy by breaking up glucose (sugar) molecules, fatty acids, and amino acids, going through a series of processes. The end result is ( Full Answer )

How is water important to the human body?

so we dont die you need water because if you are running really fast all your blood presure goes up and bcomes warm so if you drink water it makes your body amd blood cooler for you and also you need water because so you dont drehigatexx

How does water help the human body?

An adult requires a minimum of 1.5 liters (a quart and a half) per day to survive. Without water you can die in about 3 days (an infant in one). Extremes in exertion and/or environment can shorten that time.

What is water used for in the human body?

water in the body is used for alot of things,it helps digest the system by clearing all of the acids and making sure your body is hydrated.

What body part absorbs water?

The parts of the body that absorb water are the intestines. Theyalso absorb most nutrients, especially the small intestine. Anyremaining water after digestion gets into the body via the largeintestine.

Why does human body need water?

If the human body don't have water,they will die. Or if they don't drink water,they will die because of thirst(especially in hot place)

About how much of the human body is water?

The human body has a variable water content that changes daily and with age and gender and body type. On average, adult humans have 57 to 63 % water by mass. At birth, a baby can have up to 75% water weight and this decreases with age. Obese individuals can have as little as 45% water weight ( Full Answer )

What part of the body absorbs water and nutrients?

The intestines are the part of the body that absorbs water and nutrients. The small intestine absorb most nutrients from food. The large intestine recovers water from digestion.

Can humans die if you swim in polluted waters?

Yes. It does, of course, depend on exactly what the pollution is and whether you swallow any of it or not. Technically, any lake a motorboat has been on is "polluted", since it will contain traces of oil, but you can probably swim in that with no problems.

What regulates water in the human body?

The Body regulates water balance by performing osmosis. Each cell of the body balances the materials and the water content inside of it using osmosis. Osmosis is technically the diffusion of water through a semi-permeable membrane, or rather the movement of water across the membrane from a higher ( Full Answer )

How is water lost from the human body?

The most water is lost through exhalation (breathing), sweating and evaporation, and excretion (in urine). You can lose water from your body through sweating Another way to loose liquid is evaporation through breathing, urinating, bleeding, and vomiting. These factors greatly influence emergency su ( Full Answer )

How many calories can the human body absorb in 24 hours?

Depends on how hard you work. Man hauling a sledge in the Antarctic, you'll need 4000 to 8 000 calories per day, and of that, at least 40% fat. Ordinary folk get by with a few thousand calories per day, but if you are a blacksmith or a quarry worker, you might need 2000 to 4000 calories. If you ( Full Answer )

Why can humans swim in water?

It is simple. When a person cups their hand and brings it towards themselves they are creating resitance to the water and are propelled forwards if they are kicking their feet while parallel to the bottom of the pool, lake, ocean ect. ect.

What can absorb oil while in water?

Oil will adhere to many surfaces. Many natural materials such as straw, grass, coconut husks, wood chips and mats made of hair will absorb oil. I have included links to some of the manufacturers of commercial sponges and chemical products. These links may be more promotional than factual, as I do ( Full Answer )

How is a drug absorbed in the human body?

The blood stream. Kidney. Liver. Brain. All depends on the drug. Acid- Spinal cord. Marijuana - Lungs Coke - Brain Alcohol = Blood stream = Liver

How much water can the body absorb in a hour?

Drinking more than 500 ml per hour results in flushing. The excess will be flushed, which can be an issue if you consumed that water with nutrients (ie: vitamins, protein, etc...) Too much water consumption can result in kidney stress as well. I train 5 days a week and drink an average of 2-3 lit ( Full Answer )

Can you swim in water while being on your period?

As a matter of fact you can. You will want to wear a tampon NOT a pad they will fall apart or come off. If you wear a tampon you will have to check frequently for bleeding because the leek guard protection will not work because the string is wet.

Can humans float in water without swimming?

yes, get a lungfull of air and you'll float like a boat! A: It really depends on one's density which is very similar to water. Some people can easily float in freshwater by lying on their backs and keeping the lungs mostly full of air. Others can't, or can't do it comfortably. Fat is lighter tha ( Full Answer )

Does the human body grow while sleeping?

sleeping can actually promote growth in your body and without proper sleep you might not grow taller. The more fluid in your joints the taller you will grow. This is why gravity is your biggest enemy when trying to grow taller since it will pull on your body while you're in an upright position and ( Full Answer )

How can the human body lose water?

Many different ways. About 50% is lost in urine (pee), and the other is about 25% in sweat and 25% in respiration.

How much water do a human body have?

You have 60 % water in your body. You have 20 % water in extracellular compartment. You have 40 % water in intracellular compartment.

What affects does swimming have on joints in the human body?

Due to the lack of the normal amount of gravitational pull, swimmers can often be clumsy outside of the water. Also, if you are not swimming correctly, this will cause great strain on many joints. However, if you are doing your strokes correctly, swimming is a great sport for exercise, strength, mai ( Full Answer )

Why human body turns red when exposed to cold water espically swimming tank water what is to be done to eliminate it?

The circulation of blood through the human body is ... because it carries richly oxygenated red cells. Arter- ... turn channel blood into the larger veins and back ... especially good for obese people or those with dia- betes .... factors, including exposure to cold or certain me ( Full Answer )

How can your body heat water in a swimming pool?

If the temperature of the water is less than your body temperature, then heat will be transferred from the warmer body to the colder body of water. The molecules in your skin vibrate because they are warm. When a water molecule touches a warm vibrating skin molecule, some of the heat energy in the s ( Full Answer )

Why does surrounding air absorbs heat from body while it is insulator?

Air will only absorb heat from a body if it is at a lower temperature. Being an insulator does not mean that something will not absorb heat, it just means that heat moves through it slowly. Since air has such a low density, the molecules in it are widely spaced compared to a liquid or solid and cond ( Full Answer )

Can anyone answer which oil is not absorbed by the human body?

The term oil has a broad definition. We generally consider oils to be hydrocarbons that come from plants or animals. Petrochemicals are also oils. The long, complex molecules that are oils will all, to a greater or lesser degree, be absorbed by the body. The question is usually how much might be abs ( Full Answer )

Why do humans have water in your body?

Nature has selected water as a medium for life. Water has so many advantages over the other liquids. First of all, it was available every where on the earth. Then it is the best solvent of all. It does not expand at very fast rate. There is enough gap between it's freezing point and boiling point. T ( Full Answer )