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how deep you are in the water.

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Q: The amount of water pressure you experience while swimming in a pool depends on what?
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Where is the greatest amount of pressure in AA swimming pool?

The highest pressure in any open vessel is at the deepest point.

Do you have to waite a hour to go swimming after eating?

It best to but depends on the amount of swimming being done. About 30 minutes should be good.

What dynamic pressure of gas depends on?

The gas pressure depends on the amount (number of moles), volume and temperature. It is independent from the kind of gas.

The amount of force exerted by a gas depends on?

pressure and density. dont quote me.

Why don't we experience the effect of huge amount of atmospheric pressure on our body?

Because it's what we are adapted and used to.

What does gas pressure depend on?

The gas pressure depends on the amount (number of moles), volume and temperature. It is independent from the kind of gas.

If a person is swimming 3 meters below the surface of a pool do they feel more less or the same amount of pressure as the person swimming 3 meters below the oceans surface?

Less pressure because ocean water is salty and therefore denser.

How do you calculate the amount of air required to pressurize a room?

It depends on the pressure you wish to achieve.

If the volume of a gas is decreasing does the amount of gas also decrease?

depends upon the pressure.

What amount of pressure is required to run a pneumatic actuator?

This depends on the amount of force you need. From one atmosphere to 500 atmospheres.

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Propane tank pressure?

That really depends on the amount of propane, the size of the container, the temperature. remember, Pressure*volume=Moles*R*Temperature.

What is the pressure of gas in a 30 liter container at 49 degrees c?

Gas pressure depends on volume, temperature, AND the amount of gas. You didn't give an amount of gas, so there is no way to answer your question.

How long does the average piece of chalk last?

This depends on the amount of use given to the piece of chalk and the amount of pressure put on it when being used.

What does the amount of space a gas takes up depend on?

Amount of space a gas takes up depends on the temperature the gas is at, and the pressure on the gas.

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The amount of pressure that it takes to break an arm depends on the strength of the arm and the angle in which the pressure is applied. On the average, it takes 120 pounds of pressure.

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What will happen when an air filled balloon is pulled to the bottom of a swimming pool?

Because the pressure weighing down on the the balloon is greater than the pressure protruding from the balloon, the dominant force will cause the balloon to pop. This strictly depends on the amount in weight the water has on it, since the balloon can rise and become buoyant if not descended sufficiently.

What type of eruption does a cinder cone volcano have?

It depends upon the amount and pressure of a gas when it reaches the surface.

How much water flows through a 1ft x 2in pipe?

It depends on the amount of pressure behind it.

Why are fire hydrants different colors?

the color of a fire hydrant depends on the amount of water pressure it has when used

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Why do swimmers feel their weight lighter in a swimming pool?

Swimmers feel their weight lighter in a swimming pool because they displace a large volume of water . The water exerts similar amount of buoyant force to that of water displaced by they body of the swimmer and this pressure cancels a certain amount of weight of the swimmer .