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Does the iPhone have games?

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Yes.... if by games you mean apps that are games...

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Can you download iPhone games to iPhone from iPhone?

You may download games straight from your iPhone using the App Store. You may also download games from your computer using iTunes.

Does iPhone have games?

Yes, you can get different games on the iPhone. Download apps from the App Store or iTunes that are games.

Can old iPhone 3gs games be played on the iPhone 4?

Yes, they should be able to. The iPhone is backward compatible. Yes, they can. I used to have an iPhone 3GS and all the games work on my iPhone 4.

Can I download iPhone games to HTC?

iPhone Apps, including games, work only on iPhone, iPod Touch and some work on the iPad.

Can you get games on a fake iPhone?

jar games

How do you get to games on your iPhone?

you can download the games from the apple play store on your iphone

Which games are already pre - installed in iPhone 4S?

There are no games on the iphone 4S when you first purchase it.

How do you download games for the iPhone?

To download games on the iPhone you need to create an account with the Apple store. Once you have made an account, you can then purchase games from it.

How do you download games on your iPhone 3g?

For starters, go to the apple site and go to downloads, then iPhone. There are free games and games that need to be paid for.

How do i transfer games or programs to iPhone?

use the cable that came with your iphone

Can you download Pokemon games on a iPhone?

Yes but your iphone has to be jailbroken and have Cydia.

Can the Apple iPhone 4 16 GB play 3D games?

Yes the Apple iPhone 4 16 GB can play 3D games. There's quite a number of games and application for the iPhone that features 3D models, so there shouldn't be a probably with playing 3D games on the iPhone.

How do you play games on a iphone?

u go to games.

Does the lg dare come with games?

I think that you have to buy the games just like the iPhone; same concept I'm guessing! You do get demo games though, and the iPhone you have to go on the computer to buy. But the Dare does NOT come with already bought games, same for the iPhone.

What is the difference of ipodtouch and iPhone?

a ipod touch and iphone do not have the same games. And the iphone is a phone and the ipod touch dose not.

How many iPhone games are there?

Everyday new games are released

How can play iPhone games in PC?


What is the difference between iPhone web apps and iPhone websites?

web apps are almost like online iphone games / apps like in the name. but an iphone website is a site designed for the iphone/ in iphone format

Can you send games via bluetooth from iPhone 3g to iPhone 3gs?

No you cant, games can not be sent via bluetooth between iOS devices.

How do you delete games?

Why don't you be more specific.

What game system has better graphics for games Ipod touch or Iphone?

Iphone is defiantly better.

Is iPhone 4s better than Samsung Galaxy 3?

Yes. You can get more games on the IPHONE.

How do you get on to games on iPhone?

download them from the apps store

Can you put iPhone games on a samsung highlight?


Where can you find free iphone games?