Does the ipad2 have gorilla glass?

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What are gorillas?

Gorillas are the largest of the great apes that lives in forests in Africa. They have coarse black hair. They are unagressive and live in groups. They are hunted for their body parts and meat, but most people think that it is crule to be hunted for body parts, but they can be agresive, but they do d ( Full Answer )

What do gorillas do?

Gorillas, like humans, are primates. This means they share a common ancestor with humans, a proto-ape, if you will. Because of this evolutionary kinship, they are very like us, they can walk on their feet when they're adults, they can eat with their hands, they can listen and learn as quick as we ca ( Full Answer )

Does alcohol dissolve gorilla glue from glass?

I've checked several sites and this is what I found: Clean up any spilled or squeezed-out glue BEFORE it dries. There is no solvent known to man that will remove it once it does. Dried Gorilla Glue can be sanded, scraped, cut and otherwise shaped but, if you drop some of this stuff on your expens ( Full Answer )

How do you remove Gorilla Glue from eye glasses?

If they are glass, try anything with pure acetone such as nail polish remover, which is what I used. If they are plastic lenses, try alcohol first, and if that doesn't do it, try Goo-Gone, then nail polish remover with acetone once more. Good luck.

Can you by a gorilla?

Not at a pet store. Maybe at a very special animal selection somewhere, but nowhere of obvious knowledge.

How do you get gorilla glue off eye glasses?

If it's a glass lens, soften it with Goof-Off , then carefully scrape it off with a craft knife. - If they are plastic lenses as many are these days, I don't think it will come off.

Will Gorilla glue work on wood stove glass?

No. Per their web site, Gorilla glue isn't effective beyond 150 degrees. Wood stoves get quite a bit hotter than 150.. "Can heat be used to break the glue bond? Heat can not be used to break the glue bond, as Gorilla Wood Glue is very heat resistant. Once cured, it is safe to heat up to 150 deg ( Full Answer )

Where do you get a gorilla?

You cant GET a gorilla, but if you go to a zoo you could see one, but yo u can't actually buy one. Hope I helped Trevor

Does the Droid Incredible have gorilla glass on its screen?

It does. I can understand the interest in the knowledge of the HTC Incredible Screen. The screen display is actually an Opaque Aluminum-Silicone Base. It is called Gorilla Glass, which is impervious to the very real threats of key scratching and localized pressure. Gorilla Glass is an unscratchabl ( Full Answer )

How much is an ipad2?

Starting at $519 (for a 16gb) plus tax and extra accessories, should go up to about $600 or more.

How big is the ipad2 screen?

the Ipad 2 is about 7" the screen has a flat surface so that you index finger can smoothly rub across the screen

Where can you buy ipad2?

ipad2's are the same price no matter where you go. so in this case you might as well go straight to the apple store at least there they employ plenty of staff that can answer nearly any questions about any of their products. the other places that sell them are... . john lewis . carphone warehous ( Full Answer )

Can you print from an ipad2?

yes,I can. I have a software called Xilisoft iPad Magic.I use it to manage my ipad2. Convenient and amazing, Xilisoft iPad Magic 4 is an all-in-one iPad solutions provider which helps you to manage your iPad in full-scale

Who has IPad2 in stock?

Apple always has the ipad2 on stock if they don't just order it online it only takes like a week

How expensive is an ipad2?

The two cheapest sites that i found were for $499 with free shipping and free engraving. Also at Sams Club for $488 but there isn't any engraving and I don't know if shipping is free. ****DO NOT BUY FROM WALMART MOST XPENSIVE PLACE****

What is ipad2 wifi?

iPad2 comes with two models. One with wifi and another with wifi+3G. iPad2 wifi model can connect to Internet via wifi. Another version have two options. If you are in home with wifi you can connect to it. When you are outside, say at friends home where he don't have wifi, you can use 3G service. Fo ( Full Answer )

Which is better screen gorilla glass or amoled?

The amoled is a better screen because it ( active-matrix organic light-emitting diode ) is a display technology. While Gorilla glass is a damage and scratch resistance sheet of glass used in many modern phones as a cover overtop of the screen technology but as of yet isn't a display technology on it ( Full Answer )

Should you buy an iPad or iPad2?

Ipad 2, as they are much better: you don't have to pay for internet either, and they have better programs! Enjoy!

How can the ipad2 help with school?

eBooks are cheaper than the printed versions and much lighter to carry, however iPad is also a distraction if you do not focus and use it only for school related tasks.

Can you play ROBLOX on ipad2?

No, currently you are not able to play Roblox games on any model of iPad. You may be able to, in the future, play Roblox on iPads as Roblox has recently hired Mac developers. The only things you can do on Roblox with an iPad is browse the website, and download the Roblox application; which lets you ( Full Answer )

How do you start apple ipad2?

Assuming the battery carries charge, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button at the top of the unit until the Apple logo appears onscreen.

What to do when ipad2 freezes?

Hold the home button and the power button at the same time until it shuts off and then restart it

How do you jailbreak an ipad2?

It depends. Go to Settings > General > About. Where it says "Version" if it says 4.3.3 then you can jailbreak it (go to on your iPad.) If it is any other than 4.3.3 then you cannot jailbreak it. Note: If you are on 4.3.4 for 4.3.5 and you have your SHSH blobs saved for 4.3.3, ( Full Answer )

Are there gps apps for the IPAD2?

Yes! But I think you would have to have Wifi. Here is one app i found that might suit you: MotionX GPS Drive HD

What should you do if you forgot your password on your iPad2?

If you have forgotten your password completely then you must restore your Ipad from your most recent backup. This can be done in iTunes, but remember that EVERYHING YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED IF YOU HAVE NOT BACKED IT UP WILL BE DELETED PERMENANTLY, EVEN PAID APPS/SONGS!!!

Where can you get a gorilla?

well if i were looking to get a gorilla, ( i don't know why i ever would) i would do some research and get a bigger house. then i would go to the zoo, and ask the workers if they had any idea where i might be able to get one. although I'm not quite sure if you have to have a licence for that or not. ( Full Answer )

Can apple SDK be installed on an ipad2?

No, you can not use any of apple's app software or developer software on any device other than a mac. This maybe so simply down to power needed or licensing.

Can you FaceTime from your iphone4 to your ipad2?

Yes you can and as FaceTime is now installed on most devices. You can also iMessage between devices free of charge (sending text messages), to IPad 2 and iPhone 4 and other iPhone and Touch devices. It uses your wifi connection and you can iMessage or FaceTime anyone anywhere as long as they have th ( Full Answer )

What can ipad2 do?

Alot it can take pictures and it has a brighter screen than an I pad it plays apps and you can look up anything I just got one if your thinking about getting one they rock.

Is the ipad1 and ipad2 the same thing?

The ipad and ipad 2 are similar but the Ipad2 is a little better. They upgraded the software and gave it a camera both regular and front facing. Also since it has a front facing camera it can face time or video chat. Also the ipad 2 is a little lighter and slimmer

Why was an ipad2 made?

it was made because gadgets change and get better and the ipad 1 is rubbish compared to the ipad 2 i have both and an ipad 3 is coming out in a few months.

What can you do with an ipad2?

\n. well, threres lots of things you can do with an ipad2. exaples:download apps download movies download music download books, you can download as many of everything as you want but if you download too many apps it starts cutting off pages but if you go to the very first page were you search you c ( Full Answer )

Where can I sell used Ipad2?

There are lot of online sites / WebSites available where you can sell your used iPad 2. I would suggest you to use the site that is available to you locally. So, Google it up.

What is gorilla glass?

gorilla glass is a toughened glass, developed by Corning, especially for use in touchscreen applications

Which is better the ipad2 or the ipad3?

Well, that main improvements in the Ipad 3 is the screen and the camera and the graphics processor, although the Ipad 2 does already have a great screen, not bad camera and good graphics already and costs 100 dollars less. On the contrary, its just a matter of how much you are willing to spend and i ( Full Answer )

How the gorilla glass technology works?

This is the key bit (from Wikipedia): "During its manufacture, Gorilla glass is toughened by ion exchange. The material is submersed in molten potassium salt at a temperature of approximately 400 °C (750 °F), whereby smaller sodium ions leave the glass to be replaced by larger potassium ions ( Full Answer )