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Does the kidney release insuline?

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Insulin is produced in the liver and stored in gall bladder.

Therefore, it is released by the gall bladder not the kidney.

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Is there any other way of taking Insulin?

yes there is another way to take insuline we can take insuline through injections,now a days insuline medicine has also started coming so in this way we can take insuline

Who discovered insuline?

Sir Frederick Grant Banting with the help of Charles Best discovered insulin. (not spelt insuline)

How does insuline help muscles grow?

it produces growth factors

What are two chemicals that can help save lives?

Examples: antibiotics, insuline, interferon.

What is the Peak action of insulin?

It depends on which insuline... There's many formulation available now (NPH, rapid, regular, etc..) But "regular" insuline as a peak action of 2-4 hours, with an effect after 30-60 minutes.

Which part of the body is responsible for the production insuline?

insulin produced by beta cells of the pancreas

What hormone is not produced by the pancreas?

Insuline and glucagon are the only hormones produced by the pancreas

What hormone brings down high levels of glucose in the blood?

Insuline and Glucagon control blood glucose. Insuline: brings down high levels of glucose. Glucagon: brings glucose levels back to normal, (brings glucose levels up).

What brings food and oxygen to the cells of the body?

Insuline, is the key to get everything into the cells of the body. CAPILLARIES

Is insulin a protists a virus or a bacteria?

insuline it is a hormone that it is producted by langerhas inslet in pancreatic glands.

What is the purpose of insuline and glucagon?

Insulin decrease body glucose level.Glucogon increases body glucose level.

What is diabetiese?

it is disorder in which insuline production by pencrease to regulate blood giucose level is not formed in human beings

What is the activity of kidneys controlled by?

The composition of the blood, and the release of hormones control the activity of the kidney. The kidney in turn, releases the hormones renin, calcitriol and erythropoietin.

Which gland produce insuline and glucagon?

Beta cells of pancrease produce insulin.Alpha cells of pancrease produce glucogon.

What is the function of the kidney in the endocrine system?

The kidney is where the renin-angiotensin system is initiated. Renin is released by the juxtaglomeruli apparatus which then starts a cascade of hormonal actions with the release of aldosterone.

What is the function of kidney in human body?

It Helps Us To Release The Waste Materials In Our Body.

Do bananas have a high GI content?

Yes,they have a GI content because it has large quantity of fructose.So,it causes insuline-surge.

What are the release dates for Storm Stories - 2003 Storm Kidney Transplant?

Storm Stories - 2003 Storm Kidney Transplant was released on: USA: 13 June 2008

What are the release dates for Dan Rather Reports - 2006 Kidney Pirates?

Dan Rather Reports - 2006 Kidney Pirates was released on: USA: 12 January 2010

What is an accessory kidney?

An accessory kidney is an "extra" kidney.

What is a native kidney biopsy?

A native kidney biopsy is a biopsy of the kidney with which you were born, not of the donated kidney.

What are some kidney disorders?

There is Chronic Kidney Failure. There is also Kidney Nephrolithotems, and Kidney cancer.

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