Does the larger cc in motor bikes make the bike more powerful I am looking at a scooter with an 83cc motor and im wondering if that's related to max speed?

If your question relates to Chinese-built motorcycles, then a larger engine capacity will not always result in a more powerful one.

American and Japanese motorcycles of the cruiser category generally feature large engine sizes which produce lower power than litre-size sports motorcycles. So its not just engine size but the state of tune of the engine itself that is the major factor.

Kreidler two-stroke 50cc racing motorcycles produced speeds in the region of 202 km/h in GP events in the 60s and 70s.

That "scooter with an 85cc motor" that you are considering may not be able to exceed a maximum speed of 58mph, but as I do not have any way of examining it myself my answer is just conjecture. Is it standard, or modified?