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IF you got the "surplus" refund, it should have been payed off. You must have had a lot of equity(down payment) in the car to get a refund.

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Q: Does the money received from an auction of the car go towards the debt owed even if you received a refund from it also?
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What if you owe IRS but have a refund?

If you owe money to the IRS for prior years taxes, and you have a refund due to you on this year's taxes, the IRS will keep the refund and apply it towards the debt that you owe.

What is money received?

Money received can be income, payment for services rendered, credit towards a debt, etc.

If i received a refund of 13000 can i still file for bankrupt?

Sure. You can file for BK regardless of how much money you have or have coming.

What if one haven't received my tax stimulus rebate check?

You probably didn't file a tax return for the correct year, OR ...You don't qualify for one, OR ...You owe money to someone and the refund was garnished (by the way a garnished refund is still considered received even though it was used to pay money you owe to someone else).

How do you get my tax refund put in a different persons name?

If you are an American citizen, you might try asking the IRS this question, but it sounds quite irregular to me. Chances are, the government will want to issue your refund to you, rather than to someone else. If they don't, they risk causing confusion about the issue of why they issued money to that other person, and whether you received the refund to which you are entitled. And after all, if you want someone else to have the money, you can always turn it over to that person once you have received it.

What is it call when you get money from the IRS?

A refund.

Tiger airway supposed to refund your money they still havent credited your money?

I have been waiting for my refund for almost a month they are rediculous

Is a federal tax refund taxed?

No its not taxed. When you receive your refund, you will notice that their nothing withheld from your refund of any sort. You definitely do not have to report your refund to the IRS-its your money that you earned.

If you close an auction on howrse do you still get the money and the bidder get the horse?

No, if you close the auction on howrse you don't get the money and the bidder gets the horse.

You lost a money order but have the receipt can you get a refund for the money order?

yes you can, go with the receipt to the place you bought it and they gonna give you your refund :D

Can you pay your tax preparer with refund money?

My refund i paid my tax preparer came back to me why?

Under what circumstances will I be mailed a Form 1099-G?

You will be mailed a Form 1099-G if you have received money from the government. Essentially if you have received a refund from certain state governments you will be mailed this matching federal form.

What are good reasons to donate your car to the Cancer Society?

the car that you donate can be sold at auction for a good price and that money will go towards cancer treatment for a suffering adult or child.

What does refund mean?

It means to get your money back.

Can the IRS garnish an income tax refund if money is owed from an audit?

Yes, the IRS can, and will, garnish an income tax refund if money is owed from an audit.

Can the IRS offset my ny state refund?

Typically, the Internal Revenue Service doesn't collect your refund if you owe them money. They will keep your federal refund.

What is refund?

If you buy something and you need to send it back for some reason they will give you your money back. This is a refund.

Why is your stimulus money late?

First, the return needs to have been processed (not just received) by April 15. If you were expecting direct deposit and you had fees deducted from the refund or received a refund loan, you'll get a check instead.

How do you get a refund from a money gram money order when you made out to someone and they sent it back to you?

One can get a refund on a money gram money order when it is made out to someone who sent it back by checking the swift number on the money gram order and placing a block on it.

If you receive a refund check does that mean you don't owe any money to the university?

If you get a refund check from a university does not mean you owe the university money. This means that the university owes you money and this is what the check is given to you for.

Will window companies refund money easily?

According to my research Will Window are known to please their customers and believe in refunding money. Will window will refund your money if the window cracks within 30 days.

Has anyone actually received a loan from Amprex Lending Group?

I have also been send the loan document and i send in collateral and they never send me money. They told me that I had to send in insurance and I did and then they said i need money for taxes. I have asked for a refund and we'll see if they refund my money. When you call, no one ever answers. Deena Williams never answers her phone unless she knows she is getting her money from Western Union.

How do you get a Title for a motorcycle bought at auction?

You should have received a title from whoever you paid the money to. If they cannot provide one, you may have to go to the DMV and apply for a lost title.

What's the difference between a foreclosure auction and a regular auction?

A foreclosure auction is a forced auction. The person who used to own the property being auctioned owed either the bank or the government money. For not paying the money back, their property is sold at auction to satisfy their debt. A regular auction could be anything and isn't necessarily to pay off debt, but usually to make a profit.

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