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Does the moon get hit by asteroids often?


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Yes, because it doesn't have an atmosphere to protect it's surface being hit by meteors unlike Earth.

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We know that the Moon has been hit by asteroids because we can see the craters on the Moon from past collisions

by asteroids that hit the moon

Many asteroids have hit the moon. That's why it's covered in craters.

The moon has holes because it has been hit by asteroids

Asteroids hit it a long time ago

No because it is not that close to the asteroid belt there for it doesnt get hit that often.

The majority of asteroids that have impacted with the Moon did so during the Late Heavy Bombardment 3.8 to 4.1billion years ago. Asteroids can still hit the Moon today although much less frequently then in the past.

because earth has an atmosphere which makes asteroids burn up before they hit the ground but the moon has no atmosphere so it can't stop asteroids. also, the moon shields the earth from some asteroids.

The craters on the moon were formed by the impacts of asteroids and comets.

Yes, some of the lunar craters were caused by asteroids. The moon is the earth's vacuum cleaner. It picks up space debris before it can hit the earth.

Moon fragments could be part of the moon as well as external bodies that have hit the lunar surface such as asteroids and meteorites.

The Moon is pelted with small space rocks just as the Earth is, with a couple of exceptions. 1. The Moon is a lot smaller than the Earth, so it is hit less often. 2. The Moon is less massive and its gravity is lower, so the space rocks aren't moving as fast when they hit the Moon as they are when they hit the Earth. 2. The Moon has no atmosphere, so there are no meteors on the Moon; however, we do see the explosions as the Moon is hit by the falling space rocks.

Because in the past, just after the moon and mercury was formed a lot of asteroids hit mercury and the moon.

Fortunately not very often - because if one does hit, it would be a major catastrophe.

Yes as a matter of fact they can hit the Moon. Take a look at the Moon through a telescope and you will see what I mean.

Yes. Asteroids can hit anywhere.

Craters. It where big rocks (meteors, asteroids, or comets) hit the Moon and dug out holes from the impact of collision.

Yes. Asteroids can hit any planet.

Asteroid's hitting the moon is a completely random event. However, if an asteroid was flying past the moon, gravity may pull it towards the surface.

The asteroids are destroyed on impact and their material becomes part of the Moon.

after the moon formed asteroids slammed into the moon.

We know that asteroids have hit the earth because they cause indentations when they hit.

No, the Earth is hit more often than the moon. The reason for that is the Earth is so much larger than the moon. The Earth's atmosphere keeps many of them from hitting the ground however. Edit: I think the question refers to the fact that there are so many more craters per unit area on the Moon. The main reason is that most of the craters on Earth are hidden or removed by weathering and geological changes such as depositing of sediments etc.

Asteroids, meteors, comets, or some type of space rock that hit the Moon and causes the crater.

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