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yes, the president has to pay taxes too.

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Income tax is liable on the salary of the president of India?

President of India's salary (as in case of Prime minister) is totally exempt from Income Tax.

What is a tax that you pay on the money you earn?

To answer your question, the taxes you pay on the money you earn (salary, income) is called income tax.

Does the president have to pay tax?

Absolutely....not only on his $200,000 annual salary as president, but also on any other income he has from other sources such as investments.

Does the president pay income tax?


Does the president of India have to pay income tax?


At what amount of income do you have to pay taxes?

as per the indian government who is earning above 15k as net salary or net income they will have to pay the income tax

Does the US President have to pay Income Tax?

Yes. They pay taxes and publish what they pay.

Does selling a boat count as income and do you have to pay income tax on that?

That depends on what you do for a living. If you sellf the boats for a true living then yes you have to pay income tax. But that's also because of the salary you make. AKA your paycheck.

What tax is taken from your salary or wage and what does it help to pay for?

the tax taken from salary or wage is the nhs , govement taxes for petrol etc and pensions for the old, this is all taken from your income tax

Do you pay tax on your salary Florida?

Florida does NOT have a personal state income tax. You would still file your federal 1040 income tax return to the correct IRS mailing address.

Do the wealthy pay income tax?

The wealthy do pay income tax, and since the wealthy have more income, they must pay more money in income tax.

Does president of India pays any income tax and if yes then how much income tax does she pays?

yes,he has to pay 30% of income tax ,, bhawna :P........ i m aayushi :P

Do foreigners have to pay income tax while in Anerica?

If they are here legally, then yes they must pay income tax. This is assuming that they are working at a place that keeps track of employees salary. If they are just visiting, they obviously won't have to pay anything.

Juliana lives and works in Pennsylvania , which has a flat state income tax of 3.07 % If her annual salary is $41,995 and she gets paid once a month , how much is withheld from her gross income for state income tax each pay period?

The choices

What effect do pretax salary reductions have on the federal income tax?

what effect do pretax salary reductions have on the federal income tax?

How do you compute tax on salary in Afghanistan?

In Afghanistan if your monthly salary is 5000 afs ($100) or less, you don't pay any income taxes. If it's more that 5000 afs you pay 2 percent in tax, if you earn more than 12,500 afs you pay 10 percent in tax, if you earn 100,000 afs, ($ 2000) and more, you pay 20 percent as income tax. But does everyone really pay his taxes?

What is difference between tax free and taxable income?

You don't pay tax on the tax-free pay and you do pay tax on taxable income

Is honorarium is treated as salary in income tax act of India?

Yes. Honorarium is the part of salary for income tax purpose in India.

Do professional punters pay income tax?

all people pay income tax.

Do firefighters pay taxes?

Yes firefighters file income tax returns the same as other taxpayers and report all of their worldwide income on the 1040 income tax return that they are filing for the year and pay any income tax that they are liable for after the income tax return is completed correctly. Some municipalities may give a tax abatement or credit to volunteer firefighters, in lieu of salary, and as an incentive to join the force.

How do you convert after-tax salary to before-tax salary?

Divide your post tax income by your effective tax rate %. (After tax)/(effective tax rate %) = Before tax income Your effective tax rate is your tax amount divided by your taxable income (net any deductions). (tax paid in $ + tax bill/refund)/(income - deductions $)

What is the starting salary of tax assistant in income tax department?

starting salary of a tax assistant is around 21 thousand

What tax allows a higher income person to pay a lower percentage of income than a lower income person?

Tax on Long Term Capital Gains. Long term capital gains are taxed at a max of 15%.Someone with $100,000 taxable income, all from salary, would pay $35,000 ($100,000 X 35%) in tax. Someone with $150,000 in taxable income, $50,000 from salary and $100,000 from capital gains, would pay $32,500 ($50,000 X 35% plus $100,000 X 15%)

What is the total salary of a new appointed tax assistant in income tax office?

what is the total salery of an income tax officer

What kind of tax is paid on a persons salary?

That would be income tax