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George W. Bush

George W. Bush was the 43rd president of the United States, and he served two terms. He is the son of the 41st president, George H. W. Bush. Some events during George W. Bush's terms were the September 11th attacks, the beginning of the global War on Terrorism, and Hurricane Katrina.

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Who did former President George W. Bush support in the 2008 Presidential election?

John McCain because John McCain was a Republican same as George Bush. Obama was Democratic, their rival. ...
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Who was the first president to serve eight full years?

Thomas Jefferson was first to be in office a full eight years, from 4 March 1801 to 4 March 1809. George Washington , the first president, served two full terms, but his first term started late and began on April 30 , instead of the intended March 4, date due to delays in the government set up, in this very first presidential election. Therefore his first term was a little short of four years and he did not serve a full...
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What former US presidents are still alive?

As of February, 2012. there are four US ex-Presidents still alive. These are, in order of Presidency: Jimmy Carter (born October 1, 1924 ) , lives in Atlanta. GA George H. W. Bush (born June 12, 1924), lives in Houston, TX Bill Clinton (born August 19, 1946 ) , lives in New York City George W. Bush (born July 6, 1946 ), lives near Crawford, Texas. The most recent presidents to die were Ford in December 2006, Reagan in June 2004/ ...
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How many times did President G.W. Bush travel during his presidency?

He was titled the 'Vacation President' because he took over 900 days off in his 8 years in the white house. Also took a five-week long vacation in August, 2005, which no other president has ever done. Known as the first American President to have spent so much money on unofficial travel in American history. He would fly down for vacations, to his ranch in Texas using the Air Force It amounted to 77 such trips, costing (then) $56,000 to $68,000 per...
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What is the religion of George W. Bush?

He is a "born again" Christian, who is a member of the United Methodist Church. He is a long-time member of the Episcopal Church. ...
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What post graduate school did President George W. Bush attend?

He went to Harvard to earn an MBA degree.
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Did George W. Bush ever have a pilot's license?

George W Bush was a National Guard pilot and as such was acredited to fly military aircraft. In military circles he would have been considered to have had a license to fly. However, military flying privileges do not automatically transfer to civilian licenses. To aquire a civilian license, a military pilot must submit himself to a equivalency exam for the type of airplane he wants to fly. For example, multi engine fixed wing IFR. George W Bush may have had a commercial...
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Did George W. Bush cause this recession?

No. The president can not cause a recession . The causes of recessions are many and complicated and vary with each recession. One man or even one corporation can not cause a recession. As for preventing a recession or shortening a recession, even there, the president is more of a cheerleader or at best a coach than a cause. He can make suggestions but he can not change the law or set government fiscal policy - only Congress can do that....
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What did friedrich mischer do?

this is only a theory but there is a chance he could of being Hitler,or maybe George bush ...
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Is George Beauchamp still alive?

No. George Delmetia Beauchamp (musical instrument inventor) was born in Texas on March 18, 1899 and died of a heart attack on March 30, 1941. ...
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Who was the first son of a president to become president?

The first son of a president to also serve as president was John Quincy Adams (1825-29), son of John Adams (1797-1801). The only other son of a president to serve as president was George W. Bush, son of George H.W. Bush. ...
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What was George W. Bush's Nickname?

George W. Bush nickname is "Dubya"
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How old is George W. Bush?

George W. Bush, the 43rd US president, is 71 years old (born July 6, 1946). ...
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How was George W Bush's childhood like?

Good he had a oil place in Texas ~ My granddaughter (10) wrote a report about him. Her answer was: Was a July 6th baby, just missed being mama’s little fire cracker! I was Born in New Haven, Connecticut , moved to Texas where he grew up. Was the head cheerleader in high school. Played baseball. Mischievous child and even caught once painting a mustache on his face during a music lesson. ...
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Which US presidents were father and son?

The first US Presidents who were father and son were John Adams and John Quincy Adams (the 2nd President and the 6th President). George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush are the second and most recent father-son pair that were US Presidents (the 41st and 43rd US Presidents). ...
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What is President George W Bush's favorite beer?

Red Stripe. It is an imported beer from Jamacia.
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How many vacation days did George W. Bush take while president?

According to one source, George W. Bush spent 879 days at his Crawford Ranch. This doesn't mean this was a vacation for him, he constantly flew in staff member, held press conferences, and met with 18 world leaders at the ranch. Another source reveals that during 2 terms as President, Bush spent all or of part of 487 days at Camp David, on retreats and made 77 trips to his Crawford Ranch, in Texas, where he spent all or part of 490...
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Did gorge bush want us to go into depression?

He knew it was about to happen and did all he could to postpone it until after he was gone. Unfortunately he couldn't so we almost had another Republican great depression. Thank God the Democrats got in there and were able to level things out. Barney Frank and company were the architects of the housing crisis. Democrats. ...
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Does president bush have any tattoos?

yes he has an American eagle on his back
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What type of error is in the following sentence George W Bush is the President of the US?

The letter "W" should be capitalized and followed by a period, because it is taken from his middle name, a proper noun. Another possible error is that, if written today, "is" should be changed to "was", because Mr. Bush is not the current President. ...
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Who was the US President after George W. Bush?

Barack Hussein Obama was the US President after George Walker Bush. Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States from 2009 January 20 to the present. ...