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It does, but mostly the lower part of the belly gets bigger when the hamster is pregnant.

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Can you give me steps to tell if my hamster is pregnant?

If your hamster is noticably bigger, it is probably pregnant.

How can you tell is a hamster is pregnant?

Bigger nipples then usual

How can a hamster be pregnant?

Like anyother life form they reproduse and this happens when a male hamster impregnates it, you will notice the hamster get bigger and becomes pregnant just like we do. Hope this was any help to you. :)

What is bigger a hamster or gerbal?

a hamster is bigger in body mass so basicly a hamster is bigger

What do you do if your hamster is pregnant?

she will propaly get noticalbly bigger and if she has had babies and you do not know listen for tiny squeaks.

How can a hamster get pregnant?

A female hamster can get pregnant if it mates with a male hamster.

What a hamster will do if pregnant?

she will make a nest and be protective..she will also eat more and look bigger. also dont clean the cage if she is pregnant or else<..>

If you have one hamster how do you know if your hamster is pregnant?

If its male, it isn't pregnant! If your female hamster has never been in contact with a male hamster, it is impossible for it to become pregnant.

Is boy hamster bigger in the belli than a girl hamster?

Not really no, but boy hamsters are generally larger at the rear end than girls because of their...ahem...."parts"

Can a hamster get pregnant naturally?

No, a hamster needs a mate to become pregnant.

What is the gender of a pregnant hamster?

A pregnant hamster, by definition, must be female.

What is the predator of the hamster?

A bigger hamster or a cat.

Can a hamster get pregnant without a another hamster?


How do know if your Dwarf Hamster is pregnant?

From what I know is that they generally start drinking more, eating more, and making a bigger bed.

What is bigger a hamster or a gerbil?

if it is a dwarf hamster and a gerbil then a Gerbil but if you are talking about a regular biggish hamster then it can be the same size but usually the gerbil is bigger

How long hamster will pregnant?

It depends on the type of hamster you have. I have a Chinese dwarf hamster and I found they are typically pregnant from 14-21 days.

Can a hamster get pregnant after one day of mating?

Yes, I believe a hamster can get pregnant after a day of mating.

Can a babY hamster live with a bigger one?

Only if the bigger one is its mother or a hamster it has grown up with.

Can someone give you tips about your hamster possibly being pregnant ANYTHING?

you can tall by felling there stomacch if they are pregnet it is hard and they keep getting bigger .my hamster just had her babies 7 days ago my hamster's stomach has gotten bigger for sure, but not hard.... what does that mean?

Do hamsters eat a lot when pregnant?

yes because my hamster ate a ton when she was pregnant not entirely true, my hamster is pregnant and is hardly eating anything. so, it just matters on how your hamster is. =]

How hamster develop?

Get bigger

What are the signs that your girl hamster is pregnant?

You can tell if your female hamster is pregnant if there is a pink sack near her private.

Can baby hamster be pregnant?

Of course not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only the adult female hamster can get pregnant and give birth to babies.

How To Tell If your Hamster Is pregnant?

You can tell if your hamster is pregnant because, you should see a bump on his/hers stomach

Can a female Syrian hamster get pregnant without a male?

No, a Syrian Hamster needs a male to become pregnant.

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