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the space shuttle uses liquid hydrogen and oxygen from the external tank (the great big orange

cylinder that the orbiter is attached to for launch); and the SRBs (Solid

Rocket Boosters) burn a solid rocket propellant that is a mixture of

powdered aluminum and ammonium perchlorate. These are used only for launch.

The orbiter (what most people think of as "the Space Shuttle") has two

propulsion systems: OMS (Orbital Maneuvering System) used to change orbit and

to return to earth, and the RCS (Reaction Control System) used for station-

keeping and attitude control both burn hydrazine with oxygen.

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Q: Does the rocket fuel contains the liquid oxygen?
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What liquid fuel is used as rocket fuel?

liquid Hydrogen + liquid Oxygen

What fuel is used as rocket fuel?

liquid Hydrogen + liquid Oxygen

What kind of fuel used to propel a rocket in to space?

Um, Rocket Fuel. It is a mixture of liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen

What is name of rocket fuel?

The name of a common rocket fuel is liquid hydrogen, which is often used in combination with liquid oxygen. There are also other types of rocket fuels including solid fuels and hybrid fuels, but liquid hydrogen is one of the most commonly used.

What are the constituents of rocket fuel?

Liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen oxidizer.

What kind of fuel did Saturn V rocket use?

The fuel was liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen.

Where does the oxygen come from when the rocket burns fuel?

The oxygen is carried in tanks as a liquid, just as the fuel is.

Can a solid fuel rocket work without oxygen?

Yes. Solid rocket fuel contains its own oxidizer.

How can you use oxygen in rockets?

Liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen are used as rocket fuel, oxygen gas is used by the astronauts to breath.

What substance is found in liquid fuel used in rocket engines?

gasoline along with liquid oxygen, so the fuel can burn

What fuel system did the Saturn V rocket use?

it used liquid oxygen

Are the solid fuel rocket or the liquid fuel rocket faster?

liquid fuel