Does the state have access to a trust fund in prisoners name?

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The state of California dept of Corrections DOES NOT have access to a prisoners trust fund. A trust fund is exempt.
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How do you file for divorce in California if your husband is in a California State Prison when your funds are low and you can't afford a lawyer?

Answer . Information pertaining to divorce process in the state and for a list of legal aid for people with limited resources can be found at California Court Self-Help, If you and your husband are in agreement (ie no disputes over children, posessions, debt ( Full Answer )

Can a not for profit corporation create a trust fund?

Answer . Yes, and in some cases that is the only thing they create, as a mechanism for holding and distributing donations to other charitable causes.. YES. Trust should have a holder and a beneficiary. In this case, the non-profit corporation is the trustee. The beneficiary may be designated by ( Full Answer )

How do you withdraw money from a trust fund?

The method you use to withdraw money from a trust fund will bespelled out in the original documents from when the fund was setup. Unless you have complete control of the fund, you must followthe steps laid out in the paperwork. If you have complete control,you can fill out withdrawal documents and p ( Full Answer )

Can the funds in an Irrevocable Trust be garnished?

Irrevocable Trust Funds . The short answer is NO, no way, no how, not a chance. The long answer is how long ago was the irrevocable trust fund set up? And did the person setting it up know a lawsuit was on the way? In other words, does it look to a judge that money was purposely put in an irrevoc ( Full Answer )

How do you find your trust fund?

There may be a reason you haven't disclosed why lawyers refused to help you. If you have a legitimate claim you should be able to go to your lawyer and sign a consent form so they can search for the money with the banks in the area. You could also check the probate records for your father, review ( Full Answer )

How do you set up a trust fund?

You will need the services of a financial adviser, an accountant or a solicitor. Be sure you get this professional advice so that the trust is set up as you need it to be. You can download a trust document from a legal services website, fill it out, and sign it in front of a notary. This immediate ( Full Answer )

Does Francesca Hilton have a trust fund?

She never did have a trust fund. When her Father died, Conrad Hilton, he left most of it to the Catholic Church. Then Francesca's half Brother, Baron, contested the will and he got a large portion of the estate. Baron is Paris Hilton's Granddaddy. Paris does have a trust fund. Rumour has it, tha ( Full Answer )

What is a pure trust fund?

Trusts are contractually created organizations designed to protect assets both during and after the life of a person or persons known as the trust grantor (sometimes called settlor). The main purpose of some asset protection trusts is to avoid public probate of a person's assets through a will wh ( Full Answer )

What is unit investment trust fund?

A unit trust fund is a type of fund used in financial law. This isa type of exchange-traded mutual fund with a definite livingunmanaged portfolio.

When is a blind trust fund payable?

A "blind trust" is payable whenever the terms of the trust say it is payable. A "blind trust" has no features that are different than any other trust except for the fact that the beneficiaries are not allowed to see where the trust assets are invested or influence how they should be invested.

Comparison between publicly funded and privately funded prisons?

The comparison between public funding and privately funded prisons is public funded comes from your tax dollars that is voted on by your state legislature that allocates money for the running of state prisons. These funds pay corrections officers, administration, inmate health care, and food. The cu ( Full Answer )

Can you change a trust fund?

It depends on the type of trust and how it was set up. If it is irrevocable, it cannot be changed except by a court. The person that set the trust up may be able to make changes to it. In most cases the beneficiary will not be able to change it. In some trusts, there are clauses that allow for it to ( Full Answer )

Is your trust fund marital property?

Generally no. A beneficiary's interest in a trust created by someone else would not be marital property. A grantor's interest in a trust that is revocable should be the same character as if the trust did not exist.

How is a trust funded?

Property that will become trust property must be transferred by the legal owner to the trust. Bank accounts can be reopened in the name of the trust and its trustee. Real property must be transferred by deed from the the record owner to the trustee of the trust. Since a trustee is the agent with the ( Full Answer )

What is access capital funding?

Access Capital Funding is a small business owned by Courtney Krenz that has been identified as an illegal, 'Advance-Fee' Loan broker! They are no longer "doing-business-as" Access Capital Funding, they now operate under the name "Assist Business Now."

Are the funds in your irrevocable trust funds safe from the financial crisis?

It depends on where the funds are invested. Banks have FDIC insurance up to certain levels. Otherwise, stocks, mutual funds and so on depend on the market value. You will always have the number of shares you started with. Wait it out and the value will come back--selling at a low price may be shorts ( Full Answer )

How do you create a trust fund?

You contact an attorney who specializes in trust law in your jurisdiction. Trust law is one of the most complex areas of law. Many professionals, both attorneys and accountants, will offer to draft a trust. However, an improperly drafted trust will fail and have tax consequences and other consequenc ( Full Answer )

What is state funding?

State funding is when the state funds the political parties within the country. These can be allocated per vote or as a set amount.

If funds need to be used that are in a trust how do you get the funds out?

Funds that are held in trust are under the complete control of the trustee. The provisions of the trust dictate how the trustee will manage those funds. You need to review the terms of the trust with the trustee and determine how and if the funds can be accessed. If the terms of the trust are insuff ( Full Answer )

Can a trust fund be changed?

Yes, a trust can be modified or even revoked at any time under its terms. If it is a post mortem trust it can be modified by the trustees within the intent of the trust, provided it continues to benefit the same people.

Is there trust fund for Gosselin children?

Yes, college trusts were established for the children at the time of their birth. Kate consistently says she does it for the kids, so it would seem reasonable that if money has not been deposited in the Pennsylvania state funds, and alternative has been established.

What is a non revocable trust fund?

An irrevocable trust is one in which the settlor (or creator) of the trust does not retain any control of the trust, and thus the trust cannot be amended. The reason that an individual would chose to create an irrevocable rather than revocable trust is that the money cannot be touched by creditors o ( Full Answer )

What trust fund money can be used for?

It depends entirely on the terms of the trust. You should read the trust document (if there is one) or speak with the trustee.

Can trust invest in mutual funds?

Whether or not a trust can invest in mutual funds depends on the type of trust and the provisions in the trust document that discuss trustee powers.

Can you borrow against your trust fund?

This can vary based upon the conditions of the trust fund and the procedures of the lending agency. In general, for all but the most pressing of emergencies, such is a bad idea. Consult with the firm that manages the trust. They will have more specific information for you.

How can i get access to a trust fund?

You cannot get access to a trust fund. A trust is managed by a trustee and the trustee is the only person with the authority to access the trust property. The trustee must manage the trust according to the provisions set forth in the trust document. If you are a beneficiary of the trust you should a ( Full Answer )

Who funds jails and prisons?

Jails and prisons are funded mostly by local, state, and federal taxes . If you work and pay taxes then you fund jails and prisons.

How do you get a child trust fund for your son?

The best way to get a trust fund for your child is to contact a professional. You'll need to consider what your goals are for the fund. These goals should be realistic and take into account what assets you have, your income, and what financial goals you have for yourself.

How does a child trust fund work?

A child trust fund is a kind of long term savings or investment account in the UK. It was designed by the UK government to both teach children the value of saving and try to get each child to have some savings when they reach age 18.

What can you do to ensure the growth of your child trust fund?

You should seek professional financial adviser who can help you pick the right investments based on your individual risk profile. You would need to invest your funds in a tax deferred account in order to maximize returns.

I recently received a trust fund and found my mother had spent half the trust assets on her new house and put the other half in a mutal fund in her name what are my rights?

You need to consult with an attorney ASAP and sue your mother if she converted the trust property to her own use without the authority to do so. You need to consult with an attorney ASAP and sue your mother if she converted the trust property to her own use without the authority to do so. You need ( Full Answer )

Can a child's trust fund be stolen?

It is certainly possible to steal a trust fund. It is normally doneby the trustee and is a breach of fiduciary duty and could be afelony.

Is a trust fund considered a business?

A trust fund is not considered a business. In various countries, however, income tax forms may be required each year. Also a trust manager must be paid on an agreed upon set of fees. Here we see that managing a trust fund is a business, but the fund itself is not.

What are child trust fund accounts used for?

Child trust fund accounts are used for parents looking for a long-term savings and investment account to use in your child's future. It is typically used by parents looking to save money over a period of time to afford to send their child to college.

Why should you start a childrens trust fund?

Children's trust funds are a great idea for parents and grandparents to start because of government incentives. In Canada, if someone puts in money into their child's trust fund, the government will also put money in there as well, so the money keeps growing and growing over time.

What is the purpose of a child trust fund?

Untouchable savings until a child turns a certain age is the purpose of a child trust fund. A child trust fund can be started by a parent or grandparent who maybe wants their child or grandchild to have money saved for a certain item. By putting the money in a child trust fund, and designating an ( Full Answer )

Do trust funds run out of money?

Yes, trust funds can run out of money; they can also last indefinitely, depending upon how they are managed and how they are set up. Nobel Prizes are paid for by a trust fund set up by Alfred Nobel; there is no expectation that the fund will run out and that the prizes will cease to be awarded. But ( Full Answer )

Does Ryan O'Neal have a trust fund?

Yes, Ryan O'Neal has a trust fund with inheritances of $ 300million but he might be worth more. Which means he doesn't need towork. His family is worth $ 4.4 billion fortune.

How do prison officers get funded in the UK?

It depends on the type of prison. If it's a 'public' prison -they're paid by the government. In private prisons, they're paid byfunding gained from thor-party sponsors & donations.