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Does the sugar content in a banana change when you mash it?


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September 07, 2012 2:00PM

Yes indeed the Banana's flavor changes a great amount when I did it my mouth sensed that the Banana's flavor had changed and I could tell Because I am a banana Lover I will you tell you that much ! Anyways thank you for the question I always love to answer them!

2nd answer:

When you mash or finely chop a food, you increase the surface area - you make the insides all exposed to the tounge. When eating whole or sliced banana, all the sugar you taste when is on the slices you made (by knife or tooth.) That's a lot less to taste then the 100x more surface (with sugars) you get to taste when it is mashed. You taste the otherwise hidden sugar.

The only way for sugar to actually increase were if the starches break down to sugars when the banana is mashed - something your body was going to do to those starches anyway.

-Yitz, Materials Engineer