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Q: Does the swift fox live in the plains?
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Where does a swift fox live?

The swift fox has an unknown population, but most of them live in grassy areas or Canada.

What is the difference between a kit fox and a swift fox?

The swift fox, native to the Great Plains of southern Canada and the norther US and also called a kit fox, is classified as Vulpes velox. The long-eared kit fox, which lives in arid regions of the southwestern US and northern Mexico, is classified as Vulpes macrotis. This goes along with what was said above but where they live. My favorite animal, the kit fox lives in warm places because of it's large ears so it can easily stay cool, the swift fox can live in cooler places.

Where does the swift fox live?

The image above shows the range map of the swift fox.

Why swift fox become extinct?

The swift fox became extinct because the fur trade people had been killing those fox to make fur, also the swift fox might had a bad habitat to live in.

Where do swift fox live?

They live in Canada, Kansas, and Texas.

What region does swift foxes live in?

The map above illustrates the range of the swift fox.

What kind of foxes live in Alberta?

swift fox red fox

What type of environment do the fox tribe live in?

The fox and sauck tribe lived in the plains :D

How does a swift fox get water?

they live near water always.

What is the climate swift foxes live in?

Whatever the climate of the Great Plains is.

What is the diet of a swift fox?

the swift fox is on a balanced diet.

Where is the swift fox in the food chain?

The swift fox is a secondary consumer and an omnivore.

Where does the swift fox live today?

The fox lives in woods and forest in England and can be an urban pest in big cities some times.

How many foxes live in the US?

U.S. fox species:Red Fox Gray Fox Arctic Fox (Alaska) Kit Fox Swift Fox

What is the trophic level of a swift fox?

The swift fox is a secondary consumer.

How does a swift fox defend itself?

how a swift fox defends itself

What made the swift fox endangered?

The swift fox is not an endangered species.

How does Swift Fox look like?

The image above is a swift fox.

How swift is a swift fox?

pretty swift.

Where does the swift fox fit in the food web?

The swift fox is a secondary consumer.

Where is the swift fox found?

The map above illustrates the range of the swift fox.

Where does swift fox live?

It lives in Canada for further details it lives in Southwest Saskatchewan and Alberta.

What are people doing to help the swift fox?

they are finding them shelter so they can live and learn how to hunt

Swift fox symbiotic relationships?

the swift fox has a symbiotic relationship with Steven Harper

Is the swift fox dangerous?

The swift fox poses no danger to humans unless infected with rabies.