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Traditionally, the tooth fairy comes to take your tooth away and leaves payment for each tooth she takes. If you swallow your tooth and there is no tooth under your pillow, you will have nothing to offer the tooth fairy and she might not come.

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Is there a tooth fairy in Italy?

Tooth fairies are wherever you want them to be. Tell your mum or dad that you want the tooth fairy to come and visit you when your tooth comes out. They know how the fairy knows when to come.

Were does the tooth fairy come from?

Some mommys baby tooth,

Do you have to check your stool if you swallow a tooth?

Well, its not necessary but if you believe in the tooth fairy you might want it to give it to her.

When does the movie The Tooth Fairy come out on DVD?

The Tooth Fairy comes out on April 13th.

Does the tooth fairy come for letters not just teeth?

It depends if you have the tooth or not.

You put your tooth on the side for the tooth fairy to come but in the morning your tooth was broken what does that mean?

It means your tooth wasn't good enough for the tooth fairy. That's hilrious!!!I love it!

Will the tooth fairy come if you have a baby molar?

yes probably, the tooth fairy comes every time usually....

Does the tooth fairy come when you are asleep?


Did tooth fairy come out yet?


Is there another way the tooth fairy can come?


Does a tooth fairy come to apartments?

they do not exist

What time does a fairy come out?

fairys come out in all seasons because there are different season fairies if you are talking about the tooth fairy she comes out when you lose your teeth or a tooth

Is it true you have to lose a tooth before six o clock at night for the tooth fairy to come?

no you can loose your tooth anytime any way the tooth fairy is just your mom and dad

Why didn't the tooth fairy come to my house?

I am Sorry To say this but he/she didn't come because the tooth fairy is not real. I even asked my mom "is the tooth fairy real?" She said no honey its not real its just us. i belived her. she asked me am i upset about it and i said no because whats so special about a mythical fairy who cashes in your tooth for a dollar?

Where did the tooth fairy come from?

If the tooth fairy was real, then your parents would be getting money for their teeth also.

When does the tooth fairy come?

The Tooth Fairy comes when you lose a tooth. You leave it under your pillow and he comes and takes it and gives you money or some type of other gift.

The nerve is dead in my tooth What now?

Put it under your pillow and the tooth fairy will come for it

Do your mum and dad pay the tooth fairy?

yes, you don't get the money for free. Your Mum and Dad pay the tooth fairy in there taxes. If they didn't pay the tooth fairy the tooth fairy wouldn't come. Why don't you just ask your Mum or Dad to give you the money then you can keep your tooth as well and keep a collection!

How does the tooth fairy know you lost a tooth?

The tooth fairy is your parents

How can you meet the tooth fairy?

You really can't meet the tooth fairy because the tooth fairy isn't real. Sorry but you can't meet the tooth fairy.

What is the tooth fairy?

The tooth fairy is the concept of a fairy which gives a child a gift in exchange for a tooth that has come out. A child typically leaves the tooth under their pillow for the fairy to take while they sleep. The tooth fairy then adds the tooth to a special part of her all-white tooth castle in the sky. The myth in this form is practised in the US, Ireland, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and the UK.

What time does the tooth fairy come out at night?


How old is the tooth fairy?

the tooth fairy is not real.

Can you speak to the tooth fairy?

of course you can! my friend is the tooth fairy! I am the fairy of answers.

Are there African tooth fairies?

no there is no African tooth fairy there is no tooth fairy at all