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Yes, the size (volume and mass) and the type of the cup will affect its temperature

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Q: Does the type of cup affect water's temperature?
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Does the color of the cup affect the temperature of the water?


How does the cup a liquid is in affect its temperature?

By the heat conductivity the material the cup is made from.

How does the temperature effect the color of a cup of water in a white cup?

Temperature does not affect the colour of water. It just affects its state.

How does a type of cup affect the temperature of the liquid inside?

Thin china cups will lose heat faster than a thick walled clay mug.

Which type of cup holds cold water temperature the longest a styrafoam cup a paper cup or a plastic cup?

patrick looks like a stingray

Does the type of cup affect how fast ice cream melts?

Yes! I as a matter of fact.....It does! I am doing a science project " Does the type of cup affect how fast ICE melts... some other people did it and it does affect it! So thanks for asking!

How much waters does an average cup hold?

8 ounces

What factors that affect the rate of cooling of a cup of coffee?

The difference in temperature between the hot coffee and the room. Polystyrene cup or tin mug,does the cup have a lid?is it standing on a metal counter or wooden table. It's volume or thermal mass, Is the wind blowing across the cup

What is a good title for a science project for freezing water in different types of cups?

The affect the type of cup has on the rate of freezing in water

What is the temperature of a cup of hot chocolate?


What is the temperature of a hot cup of coffee?


What the temperature is a hot cup of soup?


Can you get dew to form on a cup at room temperature?


How many grams are there in 1.3 cups of vinegar?

Which type of vinegar? at what temperature and pressure... ? What is the volume of a cup? Without knowing the specifics I guess about 23.

What is the temperature of South Africa for the soccer wold cup in June and July?

I do not thin there is a wold cup. But there is a world cup.

Is this true or false the temperature of a cup of tea is about -3 c?

No a cup of tea is a cup of tea u morons

How long does it take to freeze a cup of water?

This depends on the temperature, volume and the form of the cup.

What is the best way to tell the exact temperature of a cup of water?

Temperature can be measured with a thermometer.

What is the correct temperature for a cup of tea?

100 degree

What is the temperature of a cup of coffee?

approx 140 degrees

What is the temperature of a hot cup of chocolate in celsius?


Ice melt faster in which type of cup.?

ceramic cup

Why does a cup of hot water become cooler but a cup of cool water become hot?

Equilibrium of temperature. The water is trying to reach the same temperature as the environment it sits in. a cup of hot water has a higher temperature than the room so therefore begins to cool. a cup of cold water has a lower temperature than the room and therefore begins to heat up. both reach equilibrium when at the same temperature as the room

Does color effect water temperature?

If you are filling up a dark coloured cup with water as opposed to a light coloured cup, the darker one would retain more heat which would in turn affect the water temperatures and make the water warmer.

Which type of cup will keep water the coldest a styrofoam cup or a plastic cup?

plastic cup will make it be the coldest