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yes different liquids have different freezing temperatures

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Q: Does the type of liquid affect the time it take to freeze?
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Can you freeze lemonade In the carton?

You can, but it will take some time to defrost when you need it. What about freezing it as ice cubes? If you freeze it in the carton, make sure there is room for the frozen liquid as it expands.

Does the density of the liquid affects the freezing of the liquid?

Yes it does, the thicker the density the longer the time. Say you took syrup and froze it, it's so thick it would take a longer time to freeze then water.

How does salt affect the freezing time of water?

it does affect the time for water to freeze because the chemicals in the salt affect the water that is in the salt.

How much time does it take for liquid lead to become a solid?

If you drop liquid lead into cold water, the lead can freeze in a tiny fraction of a second. (This will vary depending on the quantity of lead involved.)

Does color of water affect the time it takes to freeze?


Does different colors of food coloring affect how fast water freezes?

I don't know go to google or something. But my GUESS is if you put blue coloring in it will take shorter time to freeze. If you put red coloring in it will take longer to freeze. I DONT KNOW!

How long does it take a human to freeze to death?

Time (:

Does water freeze in the same amount of time as a liquid containing alcohol?

yes, no, maybe so

Why does Pokemon liquid crystal freeze after beating elite four?

Typically, Pokemon Liquid Crystal should not freeze after beating the Elite Four. You may need to restart your system before you fight them next time.

How long will it take for iced tea to freeze?

The length of time it will take for iced tea to freeze depends on how cold it is to begin with and the amount. On average a glass would take approximately five hours to freeze.

How does the amount of salt affects the time required for water to freeze?

to much salt will affect the time for the salt water to freeze because to much salt would make it not even freeze fast like regular water.

How long does it take to freeze Sprite?

The length of time it takes for Sprite to freeze will depend on what kind of container it is in. On average, it will take a couple of hours.

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