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It depends if the veteran or the family of the veteran shows financial need.

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Q: Does the wife of a Vietnam veteran get any pension after he dies?
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Is the husband's signature needed to draw money from the wife's retirement pension plan?

If it is a defined pension plan where you get a monthly amount no. But the spouse is entitled to half of it or more when the prinary person of the plan dies. Unless they signed offon the pension survivor benefits.

If a husband that receives ssi disability and military disability dies what survivors benefits will the wife get?

Don't kill your husband! He's disable and is a veteran. What are you thinking?!

When does ex wife collect on pension?

When the husband either dies, payment in alimony or has been married for him for at least 10 years, anything that might be an outcome of a divorce.

Can my wife get a hearing aid under my veteran benefits?

If she isn't a veteran, no. Only a vet can use the veteran benefits.

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woman,wife,mother,veteran,and nurse start with a D

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No it wont effect your pension or SSI only hers.

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Widows of presidents are entitled to $20,000 per year in pension.

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at my age can my wife draw from my pension

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A husband is called a WIDOWER when his wife dies.

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A husband is called a WIDOWER when his wife dies.

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my understanding their is nothing you can do if the ex wife name is on the retirement.however if the the deceased was in a relationship and a child was born from that then the child can claim from his pension.

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