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Does the world have to have wars?

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In the past, is there is something that can not be decided, the only thing is war. War is the only thing to do.

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Why are these wars known as world wars?

These wars are known as World Wars because many countries of the world fought in the war

Why are these wars known as 'world' wars?

World Wars were called World Wars because during the war, many countries joined and fought in the war. Most of the countries in the world fought. That is why they are called World Wars

Why is the war always called a world war?

only the wars with the world are called world wars Most wars are not called a 'World War'. While there have been many wars, there have been only two World Wars.

What are the 2 dangerous wars?

I'd say the two world wars, World wars I and II

How many world wars happenned?

Only two wars to date are known as world wars.

How many world wars were there?

2 world wars. WW1 AND WW2

Why were some wars called World Wars?

Some wars were called World Wars because they were fought with a variety of countries all around the world in different places. An example would be World War 1.

Which World Wars did Japan join in?

Japan was a participant in both World Wars.

Was Germany in both world wars?

yes Germany was in both world wars

How many wars are there going on in the world?

There are 16 wars going on today in the world.

What were the 2 biggest wars in history that started in Europe?

The two wars were the first and the second world wars.

How many wars were in history?

Two "World Wars" Innumerable other wars.

How many world wars were they?

There has only been two world wars and hopfully no more.

Why is the first and second world wars called world wars?

Because it was involved of the whole world at war, America, Europe, Asia, Oceanic and Africa had effects from the wars

What were the wars between World War 1 and World War 2 called?

There were no major wars to speak of between the two World Wars, and certainly nothing on that sort of scale.

Was Mogadishu involved with World War 2?

Yes, every country was involved with the world wars. That is why they are called world wars.

How many world wars have there been in the whole world?

There have only been two wars referred to as 'world wars.' They are World War I (July 28, 1914 - November 11, 1918) and World War II (1939 - 1945).

What was Star Wars World War?

"Star Wars World War" is nothing however, if you're referring to From World War to Star Wars, it's a blog series written by Cole Horton.If you search From World War to Star Wars you can find the Wookiepedia site about it.

How many world wars was there in the us?

There's only been two world wars in the history of man.

What are the 3 major wars in the world?

There are tons of major wars in the world so please be more paciffic.

The US has been involved in three world wars?

No, the United States has not been in three world wars.

What are the release dates for World Wars - 2014?

World Wars - 2014 was released on: USA: 2014

What two wars fought in Europe and Asia where the last declared wars?

World War 1 and World War 2 were the last declared wars that the US participated in.I'm sure however that there have been small regional warsafter World War 2, that the US did not participate in that were declared wars by the regional participants in those wars.

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