Does thick syrup flow fast or slow?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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It flows slowly.

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Q: Does thick syrup flow fast or slow?
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Does the water in the nile flow fast or slow?


Blood capillaries have fast or slow flow?

Capillaries have slow flow. This slow speed maximizes opportunities of diffusion of oxygen, nutrients, and wastes.

How fast does the lower course of a river flow?

Fairly slow

How fast does pillow lava flow?

Im not sure but I think its not fast but not slow so in the middle

Is erosion fast or slow process?

Erosion is a fast process because the flow of water is fast by the additon of wind

Is flow of lymph through lymph nodes fast or slow compared to blood capillaries?

The flow of lymph is slow because the lymphatic system has no pump.

What is Viscosty?

viscosity is when something movs to slow or when something moves really fast like maple syrup and water

What is the importance of a silica and oxygen in lava flow speed?

Silica will determine if the lava is hot and runny or thick and slow!

How will cooling affect maple syrup crystal size?

Fast cooling=small crystals Slow cooling=big crystals

What will be the amount of each ingredients needed for the making syrup?

If you are talking about Maple syrup, it is generally 40 -80 gallons of sap to one gallon of Maple Syrup. It is a long slow process of boiling down the sap until it is thick enough for your taste. If you are making maple flavored syrup check for the recipe on the web. It is quick and easy and you can make it as flavored and thick as you want. This kind of syrup is a combination of corn syrups, sugars and Maple flavoring.

What does it mean when someone says you are slow?

It means that you don't pick up on things fast and you're a bit thick at times.

How fast an electric current flow in a circuit?

the ability if a substance to slow down electric current