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Yes, "seems" is a linking verb.

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Q: Does this sentence have a linking verb Alex seems to have forgotten his homework?
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Does this sentence have an action verb Her dog seems fierce?

No. Seems is a copula ('linking' verb).

Which verb is the linking verb in the sentence The course seems difficult but the skiers enjoy the challenges?


What is a sentence with the word linking?

There seems to be no evidence linking the two together.By linking the wires, we complete the circuit.

What is the linking verb in the sentence usually Jim seems relaxed before a race?

Usally Jim seems relaxed before a race.

Is the word seems a linking verb?

Yes the word seems is a linking verb

What part of speech is seems?

it is a linking verb. "Seems" "tastes" "smells" are all the same kind of verb, what one of my old teacher called "Wannabe Verbs", meaning they want to be a "Being Verb" (be, is, was, might be, etc. etc.) The soup seems good..... SEEMS is a Linking Verb to GOOD, which is the PREDICATE ADJECTIVE

What is a good sentence using the word hostile?

"She looked very hostile, it seems that she hadn't forgotten what happened yesterday."

What is a sentence for revealed?

As I opened my backpack, the stolen goods were revealed.

Which is not a common linking verb becomes is plays or seems?


Is liked a linking verb?

Like is not a linking verb. A linking verb connects the subject to other information. Here is an example: She seems like a really nice person. Seems is the linking verb, because she, being the subject, seems like a really nice person.

Is seems a linking verb?

Yes Seems is a linking word. ( I'm not that sure though, so don't consider my answer.) : )

Is seems an action verb?

No it is a linking verb

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