Does unblocking or jailbreaking an iPhone 4 stop it from being tracked and Can the phone companies track an iPhone 4?

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The iPhone will always have the capability of being tracked unless you take off the gps service which will not stop it from being track but make it less accurate
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Can you track an iPhone with no SIM card in it?

No it is only traceable if a text is sent which will then give the police your position. If the phone has no Sim the phone is void, empty as such, which means it still can be operated but without a Sim card you cannot access the Internet, call, text, or anything along the Wifi range. It's only trace ( Full Answer )

Can you track an iPhone if lost?

If you signed up for MobileMe then yes, if you are jailbroken and have the correct Cydia app then yes. If you don't know what those are then no unfortunately not.

Can you Jailbreak the iPhone 4?

Yes you can, the software has already been jailbroken by developers not even 24 hours after it was released to them. Once the phone comes out, you should be able to jailbreak it yourself using their software relatively quickly.

Which phone carrier has the iPhone 4?

American carriers: . AT&T . Verizon Wireless . Sprint . C Spire Wireless (Mississippi) . nTelos Wireless (Virginia) . Appalachian Wireless (Kentucky) . Cellcom (Wisconsin) . Alaska Communications Well known international carriers: . O 2 UK . Vodafone . Orange UK . Three . Optus ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to track your iPhone that was stolen?

Yes. It has been possible since the 1G era (analog). Having worked previously for one of the largest cell providers ofthe time, I tracked stolen phones quite successfully. Typically,stolen phones will be used by the thief immediately. Contact yourcarrier (usually best face to face in one of the bra ( Full Answer )

What is smaller iPhone or iPhone 4?

To date, there are 3 iPhone models: iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, and iPhone4S. They all have the same display size and height, but vary in width.

Is it iPhone 4 or iPhone 4G?

Original Answer by Norfalka2545 Edited by Arianna Lovendino The answer is iPhone 4, because 3G is an advanced cellular network.If it were named "iPhone 4G", people may mistake the device for aniPhone 4G, when it is really an iPhone 3G. Hence, iPhone 4.

Can iPhones be tracked?

Yes, because inside of your iphone there is a tracking chip. That means you can be tracked by the use of your cellphone number.

Where do you get iPhone 4 from?

You can get it from websites or phone shops. Visit network provider websites to find their current pay monthly and pay as you go rates for an iPhone 4.

How do you jailbreak iPhone 4 firmware 4.2.1?

Im almost positive that iphone cannot be restored to 4.2.1 because its not compatable, this is consittering that iphone 4 has a ios 4.2.6 acustom to factory settings. But if this is possible im sure you could use greenpoison. Or snowbreeze with ipsw file of 4.2.1 to make coustom restore + jailbreak. ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a iPhone 4?

At&t or Verizon is coming out with one on February 10, 2011. Also the Apple store sells them.

Why is the iPhone 4 called the iPhone 4?

It is the 4th model of iPhone. But iPhone generations do not go from one up: 1. iPhone 2. iPhone 3G (because of 3G connection) 3. iPhone 3GS 4. iPhone 4. 5. iPhone 4S

Is jailbreak iphone 4 legal?

All Jailbreaking on any I device is LEGAL. You can do it and not get in trouble. The library of congress made it legal in 2008

Do you need to pay the carrier after jailbreaking iphone 4 or 3GS?

No you don't because if you told the carrier your phone you jail broke your phone it could get bricked. Bricked means its deactivated and you can't use it anymore. Technically jailbreaking you phone is legal but if you buy any free apps with it then they brick you phone if they find out.

How do you jailbreak an iPhone 4 4.3?

You can't but if you break you iPhone screen like I did, when you go to repair it they don't fix the screen they replace your iPhone and it will be jailbroken.

Can iPhone track non iPhone?

No. You can download the FindFriend which may be compatible withAndroid and iOS. If you desire to track the non-iPhone, you shouldmake sure that the non-iPhone and you open this app at the sametime.

Which phone is better HTC desire HD or iPhone 4?

For me HTC but There are some good stuff HTC doesn't have but I phone has but there is also good stuff that I phone doesn't have but HTC has . SO its kind of a equal Phone but both are awesome.!!!

Is the iPhone 4 out?

Yes. The iPhone 4 came out. For AT&T it came out on June 2010. For Verizon it came out on February 2011

What can you do on an iPhone 4?

Go on the internet, (safari) take pics go on itunes have really cool apps buy stuff from the app store litterally u can do everything.

How do you unlock and jailbreak iPhone 4?

To jailbreak an iPhone 4 you need to download redsn0w. For better info go to youtube and search ' how to jailbreak iPhone 4 on (whatever your OS is .example: IOS 5).'

How do you get an iPhone 4?

You can purchase an iPhone 4 from Verizon Wireless or ATT. Those are the only two certified wireless carriers of the Apple iPhone. To buy the phone it is $199 for a 16 GB and $299 for a 32 GB phone with a new 2-year contract or contract renewal from either company.

Is the iPhone 4 a 3G or 4G Phone?

-The iPhone is a 3G phone NOT A 4G. -Despite the '4', both Verizon and AT&T iPhones run on a 3G network. -The iPhone 4 is not a 4G phone, the networks have a 3G conectivity. -None of the iPhones can have 4G conection.

Which company invented the iphone 4?

Apple did. My colleague aka close friend, Abbie, put forward an idea for a developing smart phone. She really is proud of it but she's no celeb. But note the name (Abigail Vanessa Loudmouth) because she may be the future of smart phones. Hope I helped xx

Should i jailbreak my iPhone 4?

i wouldn't do it because if you still have a warranty on it the apple company wont fix it if it has a problem

Is jailbreaking an iPhone 4 3G illeagl?

According to an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, jailbreaking and unlocking are perfectly legal right so there is absolutely no need to worry about it. Use trustworthy jailbreak services only.

What can my iPhone 4 do?

The Iphone 4 allows music to be played and hundreds of available applications from the Ipod store to be used. The big drawback is that it does not support flash.

How can you track a blackberry with an iPhone?

In order for one to stalk someone owning a Blackberry with an iPhone one must first find the apps. The apps may be obtained on the application site for the phone.

Is the iPhone 4 and the iPhone the same?

"iPhone" refers to iPhones in general and not a specific model. "iPhone 4" is a specific model. So, they are technically not the same thing. It's more common for people to refer to their iPhone rather than their iPhone 4 though.

What phone is better iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy s2?

When talking about the phone itself, as in the structure of the phone, the Samsung Galaxy is more firm and strong eg. the screen doesn't break (usually) like when dropping an iPhone 4. On the other hand the iPhone 4 is better in speed and available apps from the Apple App Store.

What can you do with an iPhone 4?

There are a ton of things you can do with an iPhone 4. You can make phone calls, send text/iMessages, email, download apps, FaceTime, etc.

Can you track an iPhone when it is turned off?

Some say the phone needs to be turned on for the signal to be active, but others say as long as the Sim card is in the phone, it can be tracked even if it is not turned on.

Can a iPhone track a iPod?

If you download FindMyiPhone you will be able to locate the iDevice if location services is enabled and it is connected to wifi.

Can any iPhone be tracked when off?

no, as long as it is off it cannot be tracked. However, if fittedwith a tracking device that utilises the battery directly and notthe power up mode then it can be